This year four members of the District Governor Team are making the club visits, rather than the District Governor.  This Wednesday District Governor Representative DGE Shurie Scheel is scheduled to make her official visit and share an update from District.  The International Rotary theme for the year is Rotary Opens Opportunities!  Join the meeting and program at
For our meeting September 23, Fulgence Twizermana (Ngozi Rotary Club, Burundi) joined us from Burundi via ZOOM to talk about his efforts to use peace studies in English (where French is the dominant non-African language; a project supported by a Rotary Global Grant) to promote literacy, to help bridge the gaps between antagonistic ethnic groups, and to improve communication with the surrounding countries where English is the dominant non-African language.  His focus on English reflects the fact that he has a degree in English pedagogy.  Review the recorded meeting and presentation at
Johnny Matsushima, a pillar of Rotary and RCFC was recently given the Feeding Quality Forum's Industry Achievement Award.  His work changed the cattle feeding industry by developing flaked and pressed corn that feeds bacteria in the gut better, improving digestion and meat production.  Matsushima was officially honored on September 12, in Fort Collins.  A complete write up is found in the Angus Journal August 2020 edition.  In accepting the award, this 99-year-old man of honor gave advice to "Learn the good things, forget the bad things."
A group of volunteers from RCFC participated in a Habitat Handmade project where they built hanging bookshelves (made from recycled materials from the Habitat ReStore!) to be sold at the ReStore during a Back-to-School sale.  Funds from this sale will go towards building homes in partnership with hardworking local families.  Thanks Rotarians!
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