This Wednesday May 23rd, Kirvin Knox, former Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences at CSU, will outline the (proposed) 2018 U.S. Farm Bill.  The subject is timely: House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway unveiled the first draft in mid-April, and in the strange world of Washington politics, the bill was defeated last Friday.  It is sure to be controversial because of the new requirements and tests imposed on food stamp recipients.  Kirvin will discuss why it is important to all consumers and farmers alike to be informed about the bill.  The Farm Bill is the primary agricultural and food policy tool of the federal government.  The comprehensive omnibus bill is reauthorized every 5 years or so by Congress, and deals with both agriculture and all other affairs under the purview of the USDA.

Farm Bills were first created during the Great Depression to give financial assistance to farmers who were struggling due to excess crop production creating low prices, and also to control and ensure an adequate food supply.  Beginning in 1933, farm bills have included titles on commodity programs, trade, rural development, farm credit, conservation, agricultural research, food and nutrition and marketing, among others.

A fellow Rotarian, Kirvin retired from CSU in 2000 after serving 10 years as vice provost for agriculture and university outreach and as Dean for the College of Agricultural Sciences.  He has degrees from CSU-Fresno, CSU, and a doctorate from the University of California.  He was born on an Oklahoma farm to sharecropper  parents.  The family moved to the Central Valley of California in 1948 where Kirvin grew up on a small dairy farm.  Following college, Kirvin held academic and administrative positions at CSU and the University of Connecticut, where he served as department head, department of Nutritional Sciences and Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  He has held several international advisory positions, including the World Health Organization (Geneva) and USAID (Pakistan and India). Knox holds distinguished alumni awards from Cal State- Fresno, and UC-Davis, and in 2002 was elected to the Colorado Agriculture Hall of Fame.

Four members were listed in last week's Rotogear as District Rotarian of the Year.  Which RCFC Member (2017) was left out of that list?  Hint: Think Flowers.  
Wednesday, May 16 District Governor Bill Emsley, his wife Tracey, and Sudeep from Nepal, visited RCFC and re-presented Bill Timpson with the District 5440 Rotarian of the Year honor.  DG Emsley praised Timpson for his leadership in Peace and Reconciliation worldwide, and his initiatives within and through Rotary to bring peace.  Sudeep presented a banner from his club to President Jeanne Fangman.   
Henry Weisser introduced Matt Marietta, principal of Timnath school, who, in turn, introduced Christine Sanchez as Teacher of the Month.  Christine has been an educator for 23 years, three of them at Timnath.  Her specialty is teaching English as a Second Language.  She even works during the summer with “emerging bilinguals” with what seems to be tireless passion.  Sanchez noted that PSD students speak 56 different languages, and more than 2000 students are involved in emerging bilingual learning.   
Double Jeopardy Answer:  District 5440 2017 Rotarian of the Year; Assistant District Governor; Past President 2004-05; Fund Raising Committee; Birthdays Committee Chair; Fellowship Committee Chair; Rotary PETs and RLI Instructor; District Polio Chair 2012-present; District Awards Committee!  The Question?  "Who is  Judy Boggs?"  Congratulations, and Thanks, Judy!

Harry Weisner introduced our very own Bob Meroney, who gave us a very thorough description of trickery, the history and if there is any way to avoid scams.  Scams date back to the early 300 B.C., using insurance fraud for boats not returning to Athens with goods – Bottomry.

In 2017 there were 16.7 million reports of fraud, identity theft or other means of deception.  70% of frauds are done with the telephone.  The largest group duped by this means range in ages 20-29, but those over 70, only duped 18%, but with higher dollar amounts.

There are several means of deception, the Top 10 are:  Imposters, Telephone, Prizes & promises of lottery winnings, Shop @ Home schemes, Internet, Foreign Money promises, Travel & Timeshare, Business or Job Opportunities, Advance payment for Credit, and Health Care.  Several examples of these frauds were shared by Bob, including the Grandparent Scam, of the grandchild calling and needing money immediately to avoid trouble.

What can you do to eliminate vulnerability?  Sorry, nothing.  Be alert, be cautious.  And don’t give out information to anyone that you may have concerns about.  Always hang up and call your own contacts for whoever has just called you or emailed you.

At the District Convention May 3-5 in Estes Park, Dr. William Timpson was awarded  the Rotarian of the Year award for his work in peace building and conflict resolution.  Dr. Timpson has worked extensively in Burundi on peace and reconciliation, has been awarded multiple Global Matching Grants, and has started a peace initiative in Fort Collins.  In recent years, District-wide Rotarian of the Year awards have been presented to Chuck Rutenberg, Phyllis Abt and Bill and Gentry Moellenhoff.  It was a proud moment for Bill and for our club.  
In addition, Satellite Chair Jon Land gave a well received presentation on why, as a young professional, he became a Rotarian.  RCFC also received the District Governor's Citation for meeting and exceeding goals, including membership, service and commitment.   Amy and Lars  Larson, along with Martin Limbird and Del Benson entertained the group with Western music.   Our club was truly well acknowledged!  
President Jeanne Fangman announced that fourteen RCFC Members were awarded the District Governor's "People of Action" citation at the recent District Conference. 
District recognition included RCFC members Justie Nicol, Kathy Nicol, Del Benson, Jeanne Fangman, Ross Lane, Judy Lane, Annette Geiselman, John Trone, Robin Steele, Stacy Plemmons, Kelso Kelly, Jack Vogt, Marty Bachman, and Martin Nelson.  
The RCFC Satellite is hosting their 3rd Annual fundraiser, BBBrew for Hope, a Kansas City BBQ Sanctioned Competition featuring unlimited competition BBQ, beer from Horse & Dragon Brewery and live music. This event is raises money for ChildSafe Colorado, CSU Ag Adventures and our own Rotary Club's International Projects & Grants Committee. 
In the past 2 years BBBrews has raised just under $17,000!!   Access Sponsorship Levels Here > Tickets Can Be Purchased Here 
BBBrews attendees tend to be mid-career and retired professionals with local ties and a heart for philanthropy.   Only 350 tickets will be sold! ​  
Tickets are $40.00 per person and include: one complimentary local craft beer, unlimited BBQ to be prepared by the BBQ competitors and the opportunity to vote for the people’s choice.  Click here to watch us on KDVR last year promoting the event
WHEN: July 28th • 2pm – 5pm
WHERE: B.W. Pickett Equine Center (CSU Equine Center)
Wednesday, May 9th, Coloradoan columnist Katy Piotrowski, presented "Encore Careers".     Starting with Bridges model of transitions, she talked about the three phases - Letting Go of the past; the Neutral Zone; and the New Beginnings.  She noted that the Neutral Zone, when things feel the most unstable and vulnerable, is also the most creative period.  She suggested journalling, considering your "super power", and 'experimenting' as helpful practices.
Piotrowski also listed many examples of people who have changed careers completely, from lawyer to call center employee, state official to entrepreneur, finance executive to craftsman, etc.  
Wednesday, May 2, RCFC inducted our two newest members, Tavia Mirassou-Wolf and Mara Cosgrove.  Both are Satellite Members, and sponsored by Robin Steele.  Tavia is the Manager of Communications and Development for Sustainable International Schools.  Mara is the Philanthropy Director for Habitat for Humanity.  Please welcome our newest Rotarians.  
Committee Chair Warren Wilson introduced Capt. Brittany Rhanes of CSU's AFROTC wing.  Capt. Rhanes in turn introduced Cadet Madison Moore, as this month's Cadet of the Month.  Moore is from Pueblo and planning to enter military intelligence.  

Last week Scholarships Committee Chair Susan Gutowsky MC'ed our celebration of higher education and this years' RCFC college scholarship winners. 

Scholarship Winners included:

Alaa Eldeiry – Fort Collins High School – CSU – Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering
Lindsey Farber – Centennial High School – Front Range Community College - Nursing
Kate Fieseler – Poudre High School – CSU – Biochemistry/Chemistry
Christina Harris – Front Range Community College – Nursing
Christian Lopez – Centennial High School – Front Range Community College –Science/Math (Mechanical Engineering)
Diana Mantilla – Fossil Ridge High School – CSU - Biology
Linda Quintanilla – Front Range Community College – Nursing
Greta White – Rocky Mountain High School – CSU – Neuroscience
Malak Younis – Rocky Mountain High School – CSU - Business
Jen Siripachana - CSU - Biology 
Lexi Miller – Poudre High – CSU – Animal Science/Ag Business 
Our keynote speaker, Hayden Ahlbrandt, detailed his personal student journey as an illustration and source of encouragement to these soon-to-be college students.  Hayden is a PSD and CSU graduate and currently Degree Analyst and counselor at CSU.  His story started with his desire and journey to leave Ft Collins followed by his return to CSU; his frequent academic major changes and the lessons learned along the way. He emphasized the importance of his campus involvement and faculty guidance that often went beyond what might be expected to mentor a young man in his search.  He shared how he went from engineering student to history student to teacher to counselor.  The take home message was "listen, evaluate, learn who you are", always be yourself and be open to change.
Immediately following this talk, member Del Benson challenged the scholarship recipients to become Rotoract members.
April 28, RCFC inducted Bob Bethke as our newest Rotarian.   Bob has a math and computer science background, and attended Konstanz University on a Rotary Graduate Fellowship, where he met his wife, Michele, who was studying German.  Michele is British, and they have one son, Nathan.  
On April 25, new Rotarian Chuck Ulfers shared his personal history with RCFC.   Raised in Loveland, he attended CSU and received a degree in Finance from Northern Arizona University.  He later received an MBA from Boise State University.
After graduation Chuck spent 36 years with Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, California, Boise, Idaho, and Boeblingen, Germany.  While at HP he worked in Finance, Marketing and Information Technology Management.  Chuck and his wife Chris moved to Fort Collins after he retired from HP in 2005.  After just one week of retirement, Chuck accepted a position with Oracle Corp. managing business processes in Oracle’s OnDemand Service.  He worked for Oracle for 7 years before retiring again and starting a consulting business. 
Chuck and Chris have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.  They split their time between Fort Collins and Frisco, Texas, where their daughter and her family live. 
April Student of the Month, Rosie McClure of Poudre High School was presented with a $50 gift certificate to Barnes and Nobel, by Committee Chair Jack Vogt.  Rosie was accompanied by her parents, Jan and Jeffrey McClure, and Poudre Counselor Kim Wilder.  Rosie shared her personal experience mentoring a Respite Care enrollee and noted her commitment to service by volunteering at Respite Care, and planning to be a Speech and Language Pathologist.
Lisa Martin of Werner Elementary School was our April Teacher of the Month. She was introduced by her Principal, Hayden Camp, who pointed out that she was a veteran teacher of 35 years, 31 of them at Werner.  Lisa explained her passion for teaching in a compelling manner that held her Rotary audience. She regards her rewarding relationships with students, their families, and her colleagues as the top of her accomplishments. She maintained that being flexible and fun loving with her first graders enabled them to become motivated learners. Lisa has incorporated modern technology in her classroom, having students do such things as programming robots. Her dedication and her joy in teaching were clear for all to see.  Henry Weisser made the presentation.  

Wednesday, April 25th,  Mike Kohler, Business Education Coordinator for the Larimer County Workforce Center, gave us an abbreviated, but interesting overview of Northern Colorado's employment market.  Noting that 50% of job requirements include post-secondary education, only 40% of applicants meet the requirement.  Today, only 16% of applicants have a college degree, yet 67% of the job posting require a degree.  He then encouraged employers to consider 'transferable skills', rather than demanding an exact match, suggesting job postings ask applicants to "Be able to demonstrate and prove skills...".  He also noted applicants challenges, including "soft skills" and 'work ethic'.  He also challenged leaders, noting that "Leadership is not about being in charge.  It is about taking charge of those in your care."  

April 11, new Rotarian Harry Mueller regaled RCFC with his personal history.  Harry and his wife, Susan Brand, have two children,  James and Kristen (a.k.a "Squee" who chose her own name).   Harry has a BS, Geology, Birmingham-Southern College and his PhD in Geology from University of Texas Austin.  He spent one year in Vietnam as a guest of the U.S. Army (Corps of Engineers), 26 years with Exxon, 7 years with Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and moved to Fort Collins in 2008.  He enjoys pottery, music and local geology, as well as teaching at Osher institute (including teaching one class), and he volunteers at the Global Village Museum the Lincoln Center Gallery and Fort Collins Natural Areas.   Welcome Harry.

Wednesday, April 18, RCFC enjoyed our 30th annual celebration of exceptional service to others.  Del Benson MC'd the program.  Please join in thanking the following Rotarians for their exceptional "Service in Action".  

MAX GETTS 4-WAY TEST AWARD:  Ross and Judy Lane
SPIRIT OF ROTARY AWARD:  Annette Geiselman  
QUIET ROTARIAN:  Martin Nelson
President’s Citations:  Justie Nicol, Del Benson, Marty Bachman
President-Elect Steve Laine announced the start of RCFC's annual Financial Commitment Drive, noting that "We have always been generous with our time and talent.  It’s time think about what you can do in the ‘treasure’ department for next year".  Steve set a goal to increase support for Community Grants, Scholarships and all of the things RCFC does to impact people and our community by 10% this year.  Financial Commitment forms are due to Assistant Treasurer Bonnie Titley no later than May 9.
Community Co-Chairs Rob Marschke and Kathy Nicol presented a $3000 Community Grants check to Mary Popko, Executive Director of the Fort Collins Symphony.  The grant will fund “Open Notes” pre-concert youth education programs.
President Elect Steve Laine kicked off this year's annual drive to support RCFC's Charitable mission, introducing this year's Financial Commitment and asking members to seriously consider their support.  The goal is to have the 2018-19 budget final in June so the Board and Committees understand their funding support.  Members are asked to return their 2018-19 Financial Commitment form to Assistant Treasurer, Bonnie Titley.  
Committee Chair Randy Kurtz congratulated RCFC for our 26 years supporting of Merit Badge University both through time and talent, and through our treasure.  He then presented a check for $1200 to Ty Miller, representing Boy Scouts Longs Peak Council.
Last week RCFC member Dan Ward, took on us a tour of the universe.  Dan has a Bachelor of Engineering Science and a PhD in Nuclear Physics and ( lucky for us), a remarkable interest and understanding of our universe.
The "clear sky" (away from our urban lights) was shared with pictures of "nearby" galaxies and other astronomical images. Sourced from the Hubble telescope and other sites, these  colorful images were awe-inspiring and beautiful at the same time.
We struggled with Dan to comprehend the "gargantuan" size of the universe and our (miniscule) place in it.  The importance and character of "dark energy" and "dark matter" was explored.
Finally, Dan discussed the "expanding universe", the "Big Bang" and the possible forces that drive these phenomena.  Although this is the "Golden Age of Astronomy" we were all left with many questions to be answered by future generations.
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