At the Rotary luncheon meeting at the Lincoln Center on March 22nd, Rotarian Bob Meroney will be our speaker.  Bob will discuss Gravity Defying Homes and Architectural Oddities. For an architect it is eventually boring to design cookie-cutter homes. One way to be different is to produce a “gravity-defying” living arrangement. Such homes range from the ever-popular tree house to the visually impossible. Some homes are built on pillars, others are supported from above, some look like they will soon fall down, and other seem to have fallen down.  But architects are also enthralled by other geometric forms, so we will examine a cactus house, a mushroom house, cube resting on a corner house, rotating houses, houses teetering over cliffs, gangster houses, narrow houses, crooked houses, spiral buildings, dancing houses, houses that look like something else (kettle, shoe, basket), and houses that fall from the sky.   

For our in-person meeting on March 15, club member Kip Turain moderated a two-way discussion about the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution as viewed from the perspective of Rotary’s 4-Way Test.  Sam Kornfeld, a local attorney with experience in defending 2nd Amendment cases, explained the rights and privileges of gun owners under current federal law.  Club member Bill Timpson, speaking from long-standing experience in conflict mediation and resolution, presented the case for making changes in regulation of gun ownership. 

On March 29th, at the lunch meeting at the Lincoln Center, Rotary will hear from fellow Rotarian Rajiv Mehta, following his introduction by Stacy Plemmons.  Rajiv will present the social, political and economic realities of India today through it’s history and mythology.   Rajiv is a graduate of Harvard Business School of Executive Training, and holds an MBA and MS in Engineering from Colorado State. He is the CEO of Synergetics, a cloud service provider for civilian and defense sectors of the U.S. federal government, as well as state and local agencies.

On Wednesday, April 5th, the luncheon meeting of Rotary at the Lincoln Center features Ryan Bach.  Following his introduction by Randy Kurtz, Ryan will fill us in on the history and prospects of the Colorado Eagles hockey team. Ryan, the inaugural season goaltender for the team, has been a member of the Eagles hockey operations staff as goaltending coach since 2005.  He helped guide the organization to a President’s Cup championship title in the CHL, as well as back-to-back ECHL Kelly Cup Championships in 2017 and 2018. His duties were expanded heading into the 2007-08 season when he was named assistant coach and served as interim head coach. In addition, the 48-year-old also spent nine seasons providing color commentary during Colorado Eagles radio broadcasts.

Albany County (WY) Sheriff  Aaron Appelhans will be the guest speaker for the April 12th program at the luncheon meeting of Rotary in the Lincoln Center.  Our guest was appointed Sheriff of Albany County, with offices in Laramie, Wyoming, in December 2020.  He was reelected in November of 2022.  Following his introduction by Stacy Plemmons, Sheriff Appelhans will share his unique experiences and perspectives and how he has successfully navigated being the state’s historic first black Sheriff by focusing on, and expecting “professionalism”.    He has previously presented his views and experiences on “Professionalism” to the DEI Fellowship to strong acclaim. 

Rotary Club of Fort Collins (Luncheon) welcomes Beth Walker, Dean for CSU’s College of Business and Dave McLean, Dean for CSU’s Walter Scott College of Engineering (WSCOE) for the April 19th meeting at the Lincoln Center.  Following their introduction by Dave Stewart, our guests will present on the topic of collaboration between the College of Business and Walter Scott College of Engineering at CSU, with a specific focus on programs related to entrepreneurship.  This will be one of Rotary’s sequence in the “Cornerstone Stories.” 

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