This coming Wednesday at noon, RCFC welcomes CSU professor Michelle A. Glantz, Ph.D., a paleoanthropologist whose work investigates where, when, and how Neandertals interacted with modern humans on the Ice Age landscapes of Central Asia.  We'll also learn how homo sapiens may be related to Neanderthals...
Wednesday, April 28, six new Rotarians were officially inducted into RCFC; the seventh, Mo Salman, will be inducted May 5, completing the March/April new member Cohort.  Meet the seven new Rotarians:
Colin Campbell, an engineer who enjoyed a career in the High Tech, Medical and Aerospace industries, including Hewlett Packard.
Irene Josey, our current Larimer County Treasurer and Public Trustee, whose father is a Rotarian in Vermillion, SD.
Shana Martinez, an Audiologist with Oticon Medical, specializing in cochlear implant technology.  Shana was a Rotary Exchange Student to Canada!
Mary Ontiveros, grew up in Pueblo, graduated from CSU, and worked her way up to become the Vice President for Diversity Emeritus, of Colorado State University. 
Mo Salman, born in Iran, Doctor of Vet Medicine who has practiced in multiple countries and is now professor and researcher of Infectious Diseases in Animals at CSU.
Steve Schaffer, Doctor of Dentistry, who went to high school with Don Jorgensen in Lincoln Nebraska and graduated from the NU School of Dentistry.  
Juan Villaseñor, 8th District Court Judge, who immigrated to the US from Mexico at age 15, graduated from the Vanderbilt Law School, and is now enrolled in an on-line Master of Laws Degree from Duke University.  
Congratulations to all, and Welcome to RCFC!
Abby Krstulic, Volunteer manager for Habitat for Humanity, will highlight volunteer opportunities during RCFC's Evening meeting, Wednesday at 5:30 via Zoom.  New Rotarians will also be inducted.  All are invited - Zoom link below.
Last week, Dr Peter Brown continued RCFC's focus on the environment with his presentation entitled Wildfires on the Colorado Front Range-What the Trees Can Tell Us.  Dr Brown’s area of expertise is Dendrochronology but his talk was more about the changing picture of wildfires in the American West.  The “takeaway” was provided early - “Fire is Inevitable” the only questions are – When and what kind?  
The Community Grants committee recently awarded three Arts and Culture grants for a total of $6,000.  Featured this week is the last of those grants.  
Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities in Larimer County received a $2,500 grant to expand and develop their Sound Affects’ pilot program.  The program offers access to quality music programs for underserved senior care communities.  These are your RCFC Charitable contributions at work!  Hanna Brown, Program Manager and Lorye McLeod accepted our check from Kathy Nicol.
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