Kevin Unger, President and Chief Executive Officer of UC Health Northern Colorado, will speak this Wednesday during RCFC's noon Zoom meeting.  After introduction by Rob Marschke, Kevin will update members on steps UC Health has taken in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in our area.  In addition to his comments, Kevin will run a video highlighting the people and programs at the local facilities who have been key to this response.
In launching RCFC's annual request for Charitable contributions, Robin Steele presented The Rotary Foundation's work, how it is funded, and how the funds are used for Global and District Matching Grants, multiplying the value of RCFC's IPG grants, and occasionally District Matched community grants.  Additional presentations from RCFC's Community Grants, Scholarships, Legacy Fund and other charitable committees will follow over the next few weeks.  

Please join District Governor Chris Woodruff for what promises to be the shortest District Conference ever!  This year celebrate the 2019-2020 District 5440 Rotary year via ZOOM, June 13, 2020 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.  

The conference will feature Johrita Solari, our RI Director and George McGraw, the Executive Director of Dig Deep, our Navajo Water project, as guest speakers.   District awards will be presented and the traditional Rose Ceremony will be held virtually.  Please register and receive the Zoom invitation via an email sent by Kellie Kegerreis.

May 20, during our pandemic-enforced isolation, Dr. Gloria Luong, a research psychologist in emotional health at CSU, talked about the difference between solitude and loneliness, the characteristics of loneliness, and the good and bad aspects of both solitude and loneliness, including what it means to be socially isolated and still maintain contact.  She specifically mentioned an AARP Magazine article ( and congratulated RCFC for using ZOOM to maintain social contact. 

Last week RCFC took advantage of “stay-at-home” technology with a live, long-distance presentation from Lane Cove, Australia.  Following an on-point inspiration from Larry Kunter  (the metaphor of sailing and life), we enjoyed a presentation on the 75 year old Rolex Sidney - Hobart Yacht Race by Lindsay May.  Lindsay, speaking to us from his home in Lane Cover, Australia, is a veteran of 47 consecutive Sydney to Hobart races as well as many other sailing events around the world.

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