RCFC welcomes Elizabeth Winn, District Director for Rocky Mountain Junior Achievement, to our luncheon meeting this Wednesday, February 28, at the Lincoln Center.  Following her introduction by Steve Laine, our guest will speak about this long-standing non-profit organization in the northern Colorado area.  Elizabeth reports that..."Junior Achievement is the only organization that provides sequential K-12 economic curriculum delivered by trained volunteers at no cost to schools and afterschool programs.  JA's financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career readiness programs are implemented by local volunteers who contribute their real-world knowledge to the student learning experience.  These classroom volunteers transform the key concepts of their lessons into messages that inspire and empower students."

Last Wednesday we learned How to Become Braver Angels (BA) from our speaker, Denver-based BA Ambassador, Dr Will Robinson. He started with a metaphor (sadly familiar to some of us) of terminal marriage counseling to explain the current political divide, why it’s so hard to come together but what BA can do to help.

On Wednesday, March 13th, Fort Collins Rotarians welcome our guest speaker, Trent Johnson, to the noon meeting at the Lincoln Center.  Trent is the owner of Greeley Hat Works.  His hats are legendary.  He will be introduced by Bill West.  Trent and his predecessors have fashioned cowboy hats for presidents and other world dignitaries, and his company has been doing so since 1909.  Bill suggests that members go to Google for Greeley Hat Works to learn more about the heritage of this company and the role it has played in the Old West. 

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