We welcome Dr. Robert Tello, a fellow Rotarian and frequent speaker at Rotary meetings, to our lunch meeting at the Lincoln Center on October 5th.  Following his introduction by Judy Boggs, Dr. Tello will pass on his insights relating to the two world scourges, polio and COVID19. He will explain the new Polio Plus program which Rotary has created. Dr. Tello received his M.D. degree from the University of Iowa in 1973, and was a Board Certified Internal Medicine practitioner, engaged in private practice in Loveland since 1979. Our speaker is a past president of the Larimer County Medical Society, and a past chairman of McKee Medical Center Department of Internal Medicine. He retired in 2021.
This Wednesday, October 5 at ~1:10 PM, Dr. Bob Lawrence, CSU Professor Emeritus of Political Science, will present a brief history of Civil Rights in the US, focusing on Bill of Rights, the 14th Amendment and relevant major Supreme Court Cases.  The presentation and discussion will start right after the Noon Rotary Club meeting ends, in the Columbine Room at the Lincoln Center.  The Fellowship is sponsored by all 4 Fort Collins Rotary Clubs and open to all.  
Long-time RCFC member George Theodore, for our in-person meeting on September 28, used a number of his excellent landscape photos to outline for us some of his suggestions for how to create excellent landscape photographs.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to include any of the photos in this summary. 
Rotary District 5440 Governor Elect, Steve Sehnert, visited our club for our meeting of September 21 to bring us up to date on what is happening around the district as well as with Rotary International.  He started by acknowledging the presence at the meeting of a number of individuals who have been leaders both within our club and within the district. 
Much of the early part of his presentation focused on the wide geographic spread of the district (covering Wyoming, northern Colorado, eastern Idaho and the panhandle of Nebraska) and the challenges inherent in providing district guidance and service over such a wide area.  He pointed out that, over the last couple of years, instead of depending on the District Governor to make personal contact with each of the clubs, that responsibility has been divided up between the District Governor, the District Governor Elect, and the District Governor nominee.  This spreads the amount of travel required across three individuals and allows those individuals to become better acquainted with the various clubs and concentrate on the actual business of furthering the goals of the district. 
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