Kip Turaine was welcomed into Blue Badge status at our 9-11 meeting, Bill Schaffter handling the honors.
Air Force cadet Isaac Dunne received the RCFD Cadet of the Month award, following his introduction by Col. Tim Childress.  Bill Schaffter presented Isaac's certificate.  Isaac was recognized for his scholarship and unstinting support to his fellow cadets.
This coming Wednesday, September 18, RCFC hears from fellow Rotarian William M. Timpson, Ph.D.  His professional life centers on answers to the question "How do we inspire peace with self, others and the planet?".  From April 22, 2019 to May 6, 2019, Bill took part in the Presbyterian Peacemaking Project in the Ukraine, where a violent war between segments of this republic and Russian forces has been fought since 2014.  He brings back to us a report on the effort to listen to all sides, take into account the commonalities, and initiate a process that may eventually result in peace in this historically troubled area of the world, 
Bill has served as a professor  on the faculty at CSU's School of Education for many years, and is a published author on the teaching of peace building.
Kathy Nicol, on behalf of the Community Grants Committee, presented a check from RCFC, including a District Matching Grant, to Elizabeth Winn, representing the Rocky Mountain chapter of Junior Achievement.  This grant will support JA in its mission of providing financial perspective and management tools to school students in northern Colorado.
This Wednesday, 9/11,  following an introduction by Dave Stewart, Rotary Club of Fort Collins heard from Brian Carroll, a retired FBI agent.  Tracing the provenance of a Civil War sabre he had bought at an estate sale in Wellington, Colorado, he discovered that its original owner was  a young soldier, Frederick R. Baker.  Brian learned that Baker was a member of the Ohio cavalry whose unit was assigned to guard  President Abraham Lincoln in Washington, D.C. Following the war, Baker had moved to Fort Collins in 1873, where he became a  successful farmer, active in community affairs.  Baker had served as mayor of our town (and County Commissioner) several terms before his death in 1906.  Most of this information came from a diary that our speaker was given when he contacted Mr. Baker's family in Missouri.  The diary has now been printed for public access.
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