Your periodic review of the latest activities and more from the Rotary Club of Fort Collins.

Thank-you Rotarians! 

Please take just a moment of your time to reflect on the last few months. Please enjoy the pictures and stories below of our spring in Rotary. Thank you all for your participation; it takes a team to make a successful club and we certainly have a great team.

Rotarians in Action

Grant to SAVA (Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center) 
Community Grants committee recently awarded SAVA a grant under our Youth Program category. SAVA will use our $1,250 grant to fund program materials for this summer’s SuperWorld youth program.  SuperWorld is an active, outdoor summer program that empowers youth ages 6-12 to develop necessary life skills for healthy bodies, relationships and self-esteem.
Rotary Grant to Global Leaders
On June 8th, we presented a Community Grant to Global Leaders. Global Leaders is a 9-month student service-learning & leadership program for high school students in Northern Colorado.  Our $5,000 grant will support their student work and earn program.
STEM Grant to Traut Elementary
On June 8th, the STEM Committee presented $1900 grant to Traut Elementary.  The school built a garden creating an outdoor classroom for their 445 students to learn science, tech, engineering and math by studying plant parts, life cycle, metamorphosis and erosion, Identify plants on an ipad, use a digital weather station, engineer design a drip irrigation and using math to plant in rows, determine the amount if wood to build a bed etc., etc.  
Food Share
On Saturday, June 4th, these Rotarians were volunteering at the Food Share.  Thanks!
Nappie Project
 On May 19th, 2022, we worked at the Nappie Project and rewrapped 15,000 diapers which will assist 564 families in need.  Great work!!!
Helping out at the Food Bank 
On Saturday morning May 21st, these enthusiastic Rotarians helped out at the Food Bank.  We repacked potatoes, onions and  brought produce and ice cream products from cold storage out to the area where clients were selecting their food items. 
Food Bank Warehouse Volunteering
Several energetic Rotarians recently helped at the Food Bank Warehouse.  We repackaged 1 pallet of frozen bananas into individual family portion packets to be distributed thru their food pantries.
Museum of Art Fort Collins - $5,000 grant
The Community Grants committee recently awarded an Arts and Culture program grant to the Museum of Art Fort Collins. The Museum will use our to support their upcoming group exhibition and programs for “A Culture Preserved (in the Black Experience).   This exhibition addresses black heritage and how it shapes the values, beliefs and aspirations that define peoples’ identity. 
Paul Harris Fellow Awards
Steve Schaefer and Don Jorgensen received their first Paul Harris Fellow Award (PHF); Martin Nelson, Rob Bethke and Kip Turain received their second, PHF +1, Dep Benson received his third, PHF+2, Rob Marschke received a PHF +3, Dr. Jerry Smith received a PHF +5, PHF +6 and PHF +7.  
Air Force Cadet of the Month (Apr 2022)
Cadet Nolan D. Cawley is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - April 2022! Nolan hails from Modesto, CA, where he used to volunteer with the local Rotary Club and donated over an impressive 800 hours of community service! He is sprinting through his freshman year finish line at CSU with a bang and recently heard he earned a Commander’s Scholarship due to his recognized overall performance. Over the course of the year has enjoyed being a History major and is active with the Arnold Air Society, whose focus is to develop future leaders through community service, professional development, and education about our national defense. Nolan shared “RI is an amazing organization and I’m incredibly proud to be Rotary Club of Fort Collins’ ROTC Cadet of the Month!” After graduating and commissioning in 2026 Nolan desires to be a fighter pilot or remote piloted aircraft pilot. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!
Teacher of the Month - Josh Moore
Josh Moore is the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Teacher of the Month for May, 2022.  Josh teaches 5th graders at Olander Elementary.  He personifies the values required for excellences in education and the relationships necessary with students, parents, and colleagues.  He was particularly skilled at developing the technological requirements of instruction during the Covid pandemic and assisting other teachers in their use.


Rotary Exhibit at Global Village
The Hall Gallery exhibit is highlighting community development projects by the Fort Collins Rotary Club (FCRC) in collaboration with Rotarians in Guatemala. The projects involve the Los Limones School in Gualan, Guatemala, a clean  water project in Quebrada Seca, and Dengue Fever prevention in the Gualan area. The exhibit is curated by members of the FCRC under the direction of  Rotarian Martin Limbird, also a long-time Museum Board Rotary in Guatemala member.
Rotary Impacting Lives Talk
In conjunction with the Rotary exhibit at the Global Village, Claude Piche presented virtually in June a talk titled "Impacting the Lives of People". Claude Piche, a former Club member, shared interesting stories from the projects that helped improve the health, education, and access to clean water for thousands of Guatemalans.

Social Events

Service Above Self Celebration
We gathered Wednesday evening, May 18th, at the Lincoln Center for our annual Service Above Self Celebration. There was a social hour, dinner, followed by entertainment and awards! Thanks Del Benson for leading the event, and to members of the fellowship committee for all your work.
Cornhole Social
In June, we enjoyed fellowship, beer and cornhole at the Odell Brewery, good times great company.  It was a wonderful chance for Rotarian friends to spend time with each other. We are starting a Rotary team to play in a Cornhole league.  Email Riley Spight for details.

Welcome to our Newest Members

Donald Gaymon
Donald states "I sold my homecare business Caregivers, Inc. in December 2021 after 19 years as a franchise owner. I have three children and seven grandkids scattered across the country. I have changed career directions a few times in the past. My career in academia includes a year as a visiting professor at CSU."  READ MORE...
Gregory Musto
My name is Gregory Musto, full time residential REALTOR for Hub Real Estate & also a small Business owner of a small Auto Brokerage (RJM Automotive). I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts; however, I moved to this amazing state in 2002. No, I am not a native, but I did get here as fast as I could! I have been blessed to live in such a great community of northern Colorado ever since.  READ MORE...
Michael Flesher
The Board approved the application for membership for Michael Flesher. Michael was SR Vice President & Corporate Secretary, Farm Credit Bank, now retired. Michael states "I am a native of Lincoln, NE and the oldest of three. Now retired, I spent the first 15 years of my working acer as a broadcast journalist, and the remining 30 years as a senior executive with America's largest bank committed to serving rural America and agriculture. Given my broadcast news background, I am a news and current events junkie with dep interest in government , finance and economics and our country's short history." READ MORE...
Riley Spight
Riley states "I am Riley Spight and I was born and raised in Northern Colorado and I have a great sense of pride being from this area. I grew up in Greeley and went to Colorado State University where I studied Agriculture Business. I currently work for IMA Select where I work with individuals and businesses on safeguarding their assets. I come from a very close family and they too live in Fort Collins today. Family and friends are everything to me and I spend a great amount of time with my family. I am an avid fly fisher and love to spend my free time outdoors." READ MORE...
Giuliana Diaz
Why I want to be a Rotarian: My friend Kerrie always talked about the work she has been doing with the Rotary team in Fort Collins and finally, one day, I thought to myself "What is rotary?". I quickly found myself spending 2 hours in front of the computer researching various different Rotary stories and there was one quote that really stood out to me: "I am a Rotarian because I know I can't save the world, but I can help make the world a nicer place." I've always wanted to be more connected with the country and community that gave me so many opportunities for growth during my career path. I want to be part of a group that makes a difference and also connect with others who have a similar mission.  READ MORE...
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