Posted on May 01, 2022
Riley states "I am Riley Spight and I was born and raised in Northern Colorado and I have a great sense of pride being from this area. I grew up in Greeley and went to Colorado State University where I studied Agriculture Business. I currently work for IMA Select where I work with individuals and businesses on safeguarding their assets. I come from a very close family and they too live in Fort Collins today. Family and friends are everything to me and I spend a great amount of time with my family. I am an avid fly fisher and love to spend my free time outdoors."
Why I want to be a Rotarian:
"I would like to be a Rotarian to get involved in my community and help make it a better place. I love Northern Colorado very much and think that it is important to work with other driven individuals to help our community flourish and find out where I can best provide my service. I think the Rotary Club encompasses people that want to make a change and I would love to be a part of that. I greatly enjoy meeting new people and making friendships, which is another reason why I want to be a Rotarian. I have family members that I look up to very much that are Rotarians. They speak so highly of the Rotary Club and have encouraged me to get involved with the Fort Collins Chapter. I envision applying the Four-Way Test by always being truthful in everything I do while also holding my peers accountable in being truthful as well. I believe that it's very important to be fair in my personal and professional relationships and treat everyone with respect. I intend to build goodwill and better friendships by being a friend to everyone I meet and genuinely getting to know each person I come across. Lastly, I plan to come into Rotary with a great outlook on life and a helping hand. I think that this will be a benefit to other members as well as people in our community. And in turn I hope that Rotary will allow me to benefit by meeting great people and making me a better person."