Fort Collins Police Services Chief, Jeff Swoboda
This coming Wednesday, RCFC hosts Fort Collins Police Chief, Jeff  Swoboda to discuss police-community relations, the current state of policing, and public unrest.  Swoboda was the chief of the Elgin, Illinois police department in 2018 when one of his officers shot and killed a person evading and threatening police.  His handling of that situation brought praise and helped him win the Fort Collins leadership position.
Please join the meeting and discussion starting at noon Wednesday:
$84,000 Project Approved for Bhopal, India Vocational School
Wednesday, IPG Committee member and Project Sponsor Rajiv Mehta announced that Rotary International has approved an $84,000 Matching Grant for Bhopal, India.  The grant, a partnership between RCFC and the Rotary Club of East Bhopal, provides 2-year's funding for a new vocational school, part of the Ma Anandamayee School, operating out of and serving a slum in Bairagarh, Bhopal.  The grant will provide equipment, teacher training and classroom materials for the first two years of operation, with expectation that the school will become self-sustaining thereafter.  Great work, RCFC!!
Cultivating Connections: Making the Most of Conversation Opportunities in These Changing Times
Ever stumble on what to say after “How are you?” during virtual and face to face interactions?  Do you wish to nourish better connections with team members at work, fellow Rotarians and the community at large?  This Wednesday join Denver Rotarian Debra Fine for her virtual program focused on building and fostering better conversations in these unprecedented times.  Learn how to launch deeper dives, keep conversations going and even how to gracefully end the small talk and move on to the business at hand.  The ZOOM link is
Fellowship Focus: History Discusses the First A-Bomb
RCFC's four Fellowships are one of the best ways to discuss important topics and connect with fellow Rotarians.  This past Wednesday, the History Fellowship discussed the the end of WWII.  75 years ago, August 14, 1945 the Empire of Japan surrendered and the most destructive war in history was over.  The discussion centered on whether President Truman was correct in ordering the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Aug 6, and Aug 9.  Some participants thought Truman's actions saved American lives, and Japanese as well, while others believe the Japanese would have eventually surrendered as they were clearly losing the war.  Bob Lawrence noted that many believe the presence of nuclear weapons have helped to prevent WW III for the past three quarters of a century. 
This week the Investments Fellowship will meet via Zoom immediately following the noon meeting.  Topic: Pre-election Investing.  All are welcome to attend. 
2020 Aviation Tribulations: A View from 40,000 Feet
For our August 12 ZOOM meeting, RCFC Evening Club member and Southwest Airline pilot Holly Petitt joined us via smart phone on her way to DIA where she was scheduled to fly one of SW Airline’s 737s to California.  After her live introduction, we watched her PowerPoint presentation, including her recorded remarks, all prepared ahead of time in case her flight schedule precluded her joining us at all.  View the Meeting/Presentation recording at
RCFC's Newest Member Inducted
August 5, via Zoom Past President Rob Marschke inducted RCFC's newest member, Andy Kovaks.  Andy is Deputy Fire Chief for the Brighton Fire & Rescue District and lives with his wife Caroline in the Masonville area. Their children are students in Fort Collins. As a public service professional for more than 30 years, he is anxious to become involved and give back to the community as a member of the Evening Fellowship.
2nd Civility Seminar Recording Now Available
Monday, August 3, RCFC President Del Benson hosted and moderated the second in a series of  seminars on Community Civility.  This session, titled How Police and University Promote Civility, heard from Fort Collins Police Services Assistant Chief John Feyen, and CSU's Warner College Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Rickey Frierson.  To hear an excellent definition of the difference between "racism" and "racist", and why the statement "I don't see color" is offensive, please check out the recorded seminar at
U+2 Challenge Highlighted
On Wednesday July 29, President Del Benson highlighted his U+2 Challenge, asking members to step up their Rotary Engagement and help grow RCFC's membership and service mission during RY 2020-21.
  • Bring in two new members
  • Double contributions to Rotary funding needs
  • Help on two funding initiatives
  • Give time to two additional service projects
  • Organize new projects and outcomes
  • Attend two more meetings every quarter
  • Combine categories engaging You+Two and have twice the fun and accomplishments
President Del's Priorities and Plans
Wednesday July 1, 2020-21 President Del Benson outlined his background, priorities and thoughts for this coming year.  He touched on the challenges of declining noon membership and the resultant reduction in income and charitable pledges to support our service mission.  Del then outlined his priorities and a "U+2" Time, Talent and Treasure Challenge for every member:  
  • Bring in two new members
  • Double contributions to Rotary funding needs
  • Help on two funding initiatives
  • Give time to two additional service projects
  • Organize new projects and outcomes
  • Attend two more meetings every quarter
  • Combine categories engaging U+2 and have twice the fun and accomplishments
He closed his remarks with preliminary plans for a "Good and Lucky Non-Event Fundraiser" this fall.  Stay tuned for details...
Executives & Directors
President Elect, Club Accounting
Secretary, Catering and Venue, Community Service Grants, Programs, Service Projects
Immediate Past President
Evening Meeting Chair, Membership and Programs
Executive Secretary, Policies and Procedures
Board Member, Community and Member Engagement
Board Member, Fundraising
Board Member, Youth Programs, Fellowship, fundraising
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The Legacy Fund Chair and Fundraising
Rotary International Foundation Chair and Fundraising
Editor: Bonnie Titley
Urgent/Current Announcements:
The Science and Engineering Fellowship will meet immediately after the close of the Wednesday meeting.  Stay on, or use the noon meeting Zoom link to join.  Dr. Richard Bowen of CSU's Department of Biomedical Sciences will join to discuss his career, 
and his work with various animal and human pathogens in high-isolation conditions.  

The Rotary Book Fellowship and discussion dates are, Oct.  8, The Perfect Horse by Elizabeth Letts, and Dec. 10, Doc by Mary Doria Russell.  Contact Dave Stewart for details.


August is Membership Development Month.  Invite friends, neighbors, and workers to Open Opportunities with RCFC: U+2 is a reasonable membership goal!
Phyllis Abt is leading the revision/development of an RCFC Policies and Procedures manual.  Let her know if you have items to contribute.
Older Announcements Still Relevant:
The Community Grants committee is now accepting applications from local agencies under the “Education” category.  Please encourage agencies to apply.  The application process and grant eligibility criteria are listed on our website, under the Community Grants tab.  Questions?  Contact Kathy Nicol
Kathy Nicol reminded members to pick up your pre-ordered Rotary gear at Sport About. 
General reminder of our Fellowships schedule.  All follow immediately after the Wednesday noon Zoom meeting, using the same login.  First Wednesday: Peace. Second Wednesday: History. Third Wednesday: Investments.  Fourth Wednesdays: Science.  
President Del noted that the board's current focus is on Committees, gaining clarity and structure to achieve RCFC's goals.  He reminded all that it is not necessary to be a formal member of a committee to make a contribution, and encouraged all to be engaged.  
President Del announced a 'one-stop' Finances email -  Del also reminded members that 'the buck stops here' and asked that any complaints or concerns also be directed to him.  
Member invoices had been released by our accounting firm without review.   If you have any question or issue with the invoice, please contact John Trone.  
RCFC's intended move to the First Presbyterian Church and face-to-face meetings are on hold due to a campus shut down.
President Del, noting the recent spike in Covid cases, cautioned that face-to-face meetings are unlikely any time soon.
Quarterly dues have increased by $8.00 (to $83), due to reduced membership and associated income, and increased expenses and corrections to expense calculations.  Our unrestricted cash reserves are in the 5–7 months of expenses range, and the quarterly reserve charge will be reduced from $11 to $2 per member per quarter.  Meals and Facilities charges will be announced when in-person meetings are ready to resume.  
Wednesday Noon member who wish to switch from “With Meals” to “Without Meals” need to submit (only once) a signed, written request form available from the Membership Committee or downloaded from our ClubRunner website.
Sally Lee reported King Soopers rebate of $468.00 that goes directly into our charitable budget.  If you haven’t signed up yet, see Sally.
Marty Bachman urged members to shop on Amazon Smile.  Rebates would be credited to our club at the rate of 0.5%.  Look for the Amazon logo on our website.
Marty Bachman reminds all to report special occasions/events/illness that the Care and Recognition Committee should acknowledge.  Call Marty, Susan Brand, Melanie Chamberlain, or Jeanne Fangman.
Upcoming Events
PSD Schools in a Covid Year
Sep 02, 2020 12:00 PM
Peace Builder Fellowship
Sep 02, 2020
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Evening Meeting
Sep 02, 2020
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
The Rhino's March Toward Extinction
Sep 09, 2020 12:00 PM
Community Civility Seminar
Sep 14, 2020 12:00 PM
Engineers Without Borders and Rotary
Sep 16, 2020 12:00 PM
Investment Fellowship
Sep 16, 2020
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Evening Meeting
Sep 16, 2020
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Board of Directors Meeting
Sep 17, 2020
3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
History Fellowship
Sep 23, 2020
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
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