Posted on Jan 25, 2023

Rotary Club of Fort Collins honored its first cadet in 2023 during the 25 January lunch meeting. Air Force Cadet Scott Wilson was selected by ROTC cadre to receive the Rotary Cadet of the Month Award - January 2023. Scott is a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering at CSU. He is a Colorado Springs native that has displayed perseverance with tenacity as he continues to navigate the ROTC curriculum. During this semester, Scott is not only receiving training with his classmates that will enable them to succeed in Field Training this coming summer, but actively sharing his existing knowledge about the training and leading his peers from the ranks through the training. With an eye on graduating and commissioning in 2026, Scott desires to serve in the Space Operations career field. Congratulations and Rotary’s best wishes for success!!!


Cadet Scott Wilson receives certificate, accompanied by Major Blake “Nacho” Friend and Kip Turain.