Posted on Jun 26, 2024
At our annual Changing of the Guard meeting, we congratulated the new club officers who will serve for the coming Rotary year (July, 2024 through June, 2025), celebrated the accomplishments of club officers who are leaving their posts, and thanked those officers who will continue in their posts for the coming year.  
Before starting the formalities of the Changing of the Guard, Micki McMillan provided the Inspiration after being introduced by Lynne Baker. She spoke of her Grandfather who was the fourth President of our club and also a District Governor. Her father was also a member of our club. She presented us with a book signed by Paul Harris that was given to her father at a Rotary Convention. 
At the start of the Changing of the Guard and with a commendable low-level of references to dad jokes, Del Benson led a roast of “retiring” president Randy Kurtz.  Since there were no revelations of any truly embarrassing events, Randy and all the attendees seemed to enjoy this light-hearted review of the president’s accomplishments over the past year.  
Our new president, David Dunne, was sworn in by Marty Bachman (as her last act as Immediate Past President) using a “formal” inauguration script from the Rotary International website.  The other new officers, Rajiv Mehta (President Elect), John Trone (Treasurer), Tanner Massey (Director, Evening Chair), Natalie Sundermeier (Membership & Fellowship) and Riley Spight (Volunteer Services & Community Grants) were welcomed with a much less formal, but nevertheless official announcement.  
Directors who will continue in their posts for the coming year include Jeanne Fangman, Kerrie Luginbill, Susie Ewing, and Susan Brand.  John Trone will continue as non-voting Executive Secretary and Sandra Munger will continue as Secretary.  Their ongoing contributions to the club were acknowledged and celebrated.  
Officers who will be leaving their posts at the end of June include Immediate Past President Marty Bachman, Directors Kip Turain and Dan Mackey, and Treasurer Steve Kane.  They were heartily thanked for their contributions over the past year. 
Roasting of Randy Kurtz by Del Benson, David Dunne, Kip Turain, Natallie Sundermeier, Judy Boggs and Susie Ewing.
Swearing in of David Dunne.