This Wednesday, April 7th at noon, we are honored to host former Mayor of Fort Collins (and former RCFC Member), Douglas P. Hutchinson.  After some introductory remarks from Dave Stewart, our speaker will share a bit of history from his college years, when he worked for the US Forest Service as a White Pine Fire Tower watchman with his wife, Cathy (now, of blessed memory).
Turns out the White Pine Fire Lookout structure itself was later moved to Fort Collins, and is now a piece of our local history. Doug’s observations from that time in his youth should provide a perspective on the rapid change in the northern Colorado environment that now brings a catastrophic wildfire to our region all too often.
Hutchinson was elected Mayor of Fort Collins on April 5, 2005, and re-elected twice subsequently. He grew up in Fort Collins, retired from the US Air Force as a lieutenant colonel and then served for ten years as a civilian with the Department of Defense.  He retired after 33 years of service in 1999 and returned to Fort Collins.  Prior to becoming Mayor, he was an active observer of city politics, and wrote a regular political community column for the Fort Collins Coloradoan for over three years.
Mayor Hutchinson graduated from Colorado State University in 1965 with a BS degree in Physical Science.  He earned a Masters degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California in 1976, with an additional graduate certificate in information systems from USC in 1985. Doug lives in “old town” Fort Collins, and his three children (and six grandchildren) all live in or near Fort Collins