Posted by Henry Weisser
Our Teacher of the Month for December was Joanna Clark, a seventh to ninth grade math teacher at Wellington Middle School.  She was introduced by Bill Peisner, a counselor at her school.  Joanna has been at Wellington Middle School since 2005.  A dedicated teacher, Joanna sees helping students to get over their fear of mathematics as her main goal.  She loves her subject and is particularly thrilled when her students gain success and come to enjoy math.  She is noted for never giving up on the possibilities for success for each and every student.  Overall, she is a key staff member at her school.  She is a grade level leader, the department head for mathematics, and a noted team leader.  She is always keen to support students whether it is serving as student government coordinator or supporting students in extracurricular projects, such as concerts, games or plays.  She enlightened our Rotary Club with a thoughtful, precise and succinct account of how she regards her career and its challenges. She also reminded many of us of Pi, 3.1416 and beyond to infinity.