Henry Weisser introduced the Principal of Lincoln Middle School, Clay Gomez, to introduce the Teacher of the Month. Clay thanked our club for recognizing teachers. He told us that Lincoln had the largest growth in literacy in the district and that the Teacher of the Month was selected by her coleagues. Clay then introduced a 6th grade socal studies teacher, Gina Panighetti.

Gina started by saying that it was a great honor to be selected. She said that she wanted to be a teacher since she was in High School and is now in her 11th year. She stays in teaching because she loves the kids, all of the kids. Her theme for what she talked about was responsibility and community and she tries to create positive interactions in every instance of interaction with students...


In meeting her theme, Gina listed several promises about her teaching:

To her students:
         to make learning fun, etc.
         to make treat her students with love and respect, etc.
To the parents:
         promote social skills so important in life and work place, etc.
         remember that parents have hopes and dreams for children and to do her part in helping reach those, etc.
To the community::
         be a model for students of high ethical standards, etc.
         strive to prepare the students for an ever changing world, etc.
         helping to create a better and peaceful world, etc.

Gina was born and raised in Chico, CA, and attended the University of Wisconsin on a swimming scholarship. After graduating in 2001, she spent a year studying Spanish and traveling in Mexico followed by several months working on a sport development project for the Guatemalan Olympic Committee in Guatemala City. After returning from Guatemala, she set down roots in Fort Collins and began her teaching career in Loveland where she taught 6th grade social studies for 8 years. She came to Lincoln at the start of the 2012-2013 school year and have loved being part of the Lincoln family.