January 16, RCFC member, CSU System Chancellor and President of Colorado State University, Dr. Anthony A. Frank, delivered his annual "State of the University" address, continuing a tradition that dates back to the administration of William E. Morgan, who was a member of our club and served as Colorado A&M / Colorado State University President from 1949 to 1969.

Among the many CSU accomplishments, Dr. Frank highlighted the following.    
  • Undergrad enrollment >33,000
  • Increased numbers of First Generation and minority students
  • Campus infrastructure improvements >$1.5 billion
  • Extramural research grants >$350 million (new record)
  • Partnership with National Western Stock Show and city of Denver to develop an “agriculture” center at the NWSS Complex; 4 new buildings, 3 for CSU; water center, equine medicine & agriculture
  • Fund raising near $1 billion (record)
  • Improved rural engagement; now have presence in all counties and developed/reopened one Agricultural Experiment station
  • Global University continues to grow
Dr. Frank praised leadership team, and received two standing ovations from RCFC members.  He also quoted his father as asking “Are you satisfied”?  He then noted that although much has been accomplished, he is still not “satisfied” as there is much more to do.
Dr. Frank was also awarded a Paul Harris Fellow recognition.