Posted on Jul 03, 2024
Last week was “Happy New Year” with our new president, David Dunne. The 4 Way Test was recited at the beginning of the meeting rather than part of the dismissal ritual (it was deemed significant by some observers that no member left after the recitation).
The usual early agenda items were shortened as our members engaged in an exercise described as “speed dating”.
Each member received a “dance card” as they entered the meeting with a list of the 10 major RCFC committees corresponding to a table hosted by that committee’s representative.  The membership, work, and needs of each committee were described at each stop as well as an opportunity to sign up.  All this in 4 minutes when the bell rang signaling it was time to visit the next stop.  At each table we were rewarded with a “sign off” on our dance cards.
Remarkably, we all were able to completely check our dance cards. After the exercise was completed the moderator (David Dunne) asked how many had signed up for a new committee - several hands went up. Two door prizes (gift cards to Starbucks and Dairy Queen) were randomly selected and given to worthy members.  We were dismissed with the bell. A great start for our new president!