For our meeting on December 16, past RCFC president Steve Laine was the MC for our Covid-delayed Service Above Self Celebration.  This was followed by presentation of three Presidential Citations by past RCFC President Rob Marschke.   For a complete list of recipients please click on Read More below.  To review the full meeting and presentations, please Click Here.
5 Avenues of Service Award:  Chuck Rutenberg, past recipient of the award, introduced the new recipient, John Trone.  Chuck celebrated John’s wide range of contributions to the club including his membership on the Board of Directors, his successful short-term stint as treasurer, his successful contribution to IT advances for the club, and his participation in several committees. 
Spirit of Rotary Award:  past recipient Justie Nicol introduced this year’s recipient, Kathy Hawkins.  Justie commented that Kathy had joined Rotary in expectation of participating in some of the multitude of community service projects available, but she put those goals aside to step into the position of club Treasurer, which had the advantage of providing the opportunity to meet many of the other members.  Now that she has stepped down from the Treasurer’s position, she is looking forward to digging into the community service opportunities. 
Bob Everitt Rotaract Member of the Year Award: president Del Benson, stepping in for past recipient Adriana Graybeal, introduced this year’s recipient, Ryan Trost.  Del commented that Ryan has done a good job in a tough year, pushing through several good projects.  Although Rotaract is not active right now, Ryan is looking for ideas on how to re-start in the new year. 
Quiet Rotarian Award: Marty Bachman, last year’s recipient, introduced Steve Kane, the 2020-2021 recipient.  Marty commented that, in his four years in the club, Steve has participated in a number of committees, has been the chair of the evening meetings, and has taken a leadership role in Habitat for Humanity projects.  He has now accepted the job of Treasurer for the whole club. 
Alan Ashbaugh International Service Excellence Award: last year’s recipient, Lucinda Kerschensteiner, commenting on his technical and leadership contributions on various water initiatives of our club and District 5440 and his leadership for the Santa Maria Orphanage project, introduced Dave Stewart as this year’s recipient. 
Max Getts 4-Way Test Award: in place of Dawn T-Baumgartner, last year’s recipient, Steve Laine introduced Tammie N. as this year’s recipient, celebrating her commitment to youth and her long-time participation in the Stem Committee for both our club and that of District 5440.  Tammie commented that if you need something done, ask a Rotarian. 
Service Above Self Award: FOCO Mayor Wade Troxel, last year’s recipient, was unable to attend so Jeanne Fangman introduced Bill Timpson as this year’s recipient, celebrating all of his peace contributions, especially in Burundi where he has been the driver behind three peace grants. 
Rotarian of the Year Award: Bonnie Titley, last year’s Rotarian of the Year, congratulated Mara Johnson, this year’s recipient, for her hands-on and can-do attitude, her efforts to restart the Rotary Student Exchange, her focus on Habitat for Humanity, and her participation in the International Projects and Grants Committee and the Paraguay water project. 
Following the presentation of the Awards, Past President Rob Marschke presented his Meritorious Service Citation Awards.  The first went to Jean Lamm in recognition of her leadership as chair of the Membership Committee.  The second to Judy Boggs, the chair of the Fellowship Committee, who put in a plug for the RCFC Holiday Party to take place on Zoom later that same day.  Finally, recognition of Ralph Smith, the chair of the Program Committee, with well-deserved praise for the quality of the programs during the past year.