Posted on Jul 09, 2021
Funds will help support Pathways’ Kid’s Camps.  They will offer 7 one-day camps for kids dealing with loss of a loved one or kids with an advanced medical condition.  They provide these camps to 65-75 children/youth plus an average of 2 additional family members who join at the end (total served is 195-225 people). 
Daily activities combine bereavement, art, music & pet therapy, movement/mindfulness & horticultural activities.  Working with kids to help them face their grief & loss gives them the opportunity to recover and grow into healthier adults.  Many parents & guardians are dealing with their own grief and are challenged to provide support to their children.
Pictured: Dan Mackey, Nate Lamkin  (President),  Judy Calhoun (Development Director), Tammy Brunner (Director for Grief & Loss)