Last week Robin Steele, Chair of our International Project and Grants (IP&G) Committee presented the annual review of projects and grants that our club has been involved with donations of time and treasure. She was joined by Rajiv Mehta, Dave Stuart and John Trone.

The first half of Robin's presentation covered completed and ongoing projects, followed by RCFC International projects in need of additional funding.  Throughout we learned how donations are matched and multiplied.  A world map illustrated where projects are located. From 2017 to the present our club has donated over $145,000 which has been multiplied into more than $2 million.
Highlights of recent projects were presented.  In west Africa the Latrine Block Project has been completed.  In Ghana water projects including micro flush toilets are complete.  Successful microeconomics and business projects have resulted in sustainable income for local women in Guatemala.
John Trone reviewed several projects in Central American and Peru providing safe drinking water and school gardens to improve food security.
Holly reviewed the Africa Pads Project which provides hygiene products to teenage girls allowing them to complete high school.   This project is funded in part by Rotoract.  It also provides for establishment of gardens and helps to improve access to medical care for young women.
Other ongoing projects include an medical clinic in India, safe water for 75 families in Nepal, the Nigerian used hospital equipment project, donation of liver ultrasound machines in Turkey and the India Cervical Cancer Vaccine initiative.
Next, we learned of projects in need of additional funding.  Eco-cottages designed by Colorado School of Mines students will provide economic sustainability for Mayans in Guatemala.  Children with disabilities (eg, CP) often are considered damaged goods in parts of Africa.  A project to educate the general population and provide wheelchairs and other equipment is planned.  Bill Timpson spoke about his peace project in Burundi and the potential for his students to teach the world about peacemaking.
Dave Stuart reviewed what has been done and is planned for the Santa Maria Orphanage in central Mexico.  Rajiv Mehta presented the progress and ongoing needs for the Bhopal Vocational School and its expected impact on the local community.
Finally, Robin reminded us of the low administrative costs (2%) of the RI Foundation and its financial impact ($5,000,000) since the early 1990s.