Rajiv Mehta started his new member talk by saying that he was from Mumbai, India. He obtained a degree in engineering at Bombay University in 1973. He then started his career here in the United States by obtaining a M. S. Degree in Engineering at CSU, followed later by an MBA degree from the Harvard Business School. After obtaining his Masters Degree, he taught in the CSU College of Business from 1977-1980...

In 1980 he started and led several IT/Engineering companies until he started Synergetics in 1995, where he is currently President and CEO. Synergetics is mainly a government contractor, Microsoft Partner, Oracle Partner and Apple Developer that specializes in IT solutions and Project Management.

Rajiv told us about two projects that represent the type of work done by Synergetics. One is called project PAGER. PAGER is a project to develop a model of the world wide tectonic plates. The purpose of the project is to better provide an early warning system for earthquakes. The project is in the eighth of a twenty year plan and is done for the U.S. Geological Services.

According to his application, Rajiv enjoys competitive ballroom dancing, foodie events and travel.