Last week Scholarships Committee Chair Susan Gutowsky MC'ed our celebration of higher education and this years' RCFC college scholarship winners. 

Scholarship Winners included:

Alaa Eldeiry – Fort Collins High School – CSU – Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering
Lindsey Farber – Centennial High School – Front Range Community College - Nursing
Kate Fieseler – Poudre High School – CSU – Biochemistry/Chemistry
Christina Harris – Front Range Community College – Nursing
Christian Lopez – Centennial High School – Front Range Community College –Science/Math (Mechanical Engineering)
Diana Mantilla – Fossil Ridge High School – CSU - Biology
Linda Quintanilla – Front Range Community College – Nursing
Greta White – Rocky Mountain High School – CSU – Neuroscience
Malak Younis – Rocky Mountain High School – CSU - Business
Jen Siripachana - CSU - Biology 
Lexi Miller – Poudre High – CSU – Animal Science/Ag Business 
Our keynote speaker, Hayden Ahlbrandt, detailed his personal student journey as an illustration and source of encouragement to these soon-to-be college students.  Hayden is a PSD and CSU graduate and currently Degree Analyst and counselor at CSU.  His story started with his desire and journey to leave Ft Collins followed by his return to CSU; his frequent academic major changes and the lessons learned along the way. He emphasized the importance of his campus involvement and faculty guidance that often went beyond what might be expected to mentor a young man in his search.  He shared how he went from engineering student to history student to teacher to counselor.  The take home message was "listen, evaluate, learn who you are", always be yourself and be open to change.
Immediately following this talk, member Del Benson challenged the scholarship recipients to become Rotoract members.