Last week George Theodore, RCFC member and retired electrical engineer, shared photos and tips from his second career, photography.  A handout on travel photography was available to all present.
He shared his inspiration and history as a photographer.  In high school he was initially taught the magic of light and shadow as seen in paintings which he learned to reproduce in photographs.  George showed a list of his mentors for this second career.
He shared numerous wonderful personal photos-illustrating the use of light and shadow in landscapes as well as snapshots from travel vacations.  His sunrise and sunset photos use light and dark to great advantage.  His various examples focused on cloud formations were stunning.  The use of straight and curved lines for focus and direction was interesting.  A number of examples of wildlife shots were shared (especially captivating were the juveniles).
Good photography requires focus on color, light, texture, perspective and people (and less on expensive equipment).
The photos were gorgeous and the talk entertaining.  Another example of the amazing talent we have in our club.