Posted on Nov 05, 2021
Kristi Bohlender - Colorado State University Alumni Association Executive Director
I am so thrilled about the opportunity for Colorado State University to become more active with the Rotary in Fort Collins.  As a product of northern Colorado, Rotary has always been special to me.  I remember participating with the lunch Rotarians (too many years ago) when I was the student body President at Fort Collins High School, and then throughout all of my years when I was working in the CSU Athletic Department.  It was such an honor to be the guest at Rotary, and I can still hear Shelly Godkin asking, “How about those Rams” as he introduced our coaches and student-athletes.  It was also incredibly special to be the guest of my dad Don (Unger) and brother Kevin (Unger) on occasion!
The Rotary Four-Way Test is such a simple but perfect beacon for all of us in how we should strive to interact with one another and represent ourselves.  I have three children, the oldest two are now in college, but the Four-Way Test always makes me think of an interaction my middle daughter, Brooke, had with a teacher in 1st grade at Dunn Elementary School.  Brooke was a bit precarious in her comments, and she had lost her patience with a fellow student right before this particular interaction.  Her teacher put a big number 3 on her desk, and asked her to think about it next time she wanted to share with the class.  She had to think of three things before she spoke – was what she was going to say kind?  Was it helpful to the class?  Was it going to hurt anyone’s feelings if she shared it?  I often think of that teacher, and if she had been exposed to Rotary during her life, as her line of questioning so resembles The Four-Way Test.  What great direction for Brooke to receive at such an early age and to hear it by someone other than her parents, and what a great reminder for all of us to stop and think about the things we say, think and do, both in our professional and our personal lives.  I think Fort Collins is pretty terrific, but can you imagine what a wonderful community and world we would have if everyone was committed to living by this beacon? 
I would be proud to join you all as a Rotarian and continuing to apply this Four-Way Test in my life.