Posted on Sep 04, 2022
I am originally from Mill Valley, California. I moved to Boulder, CO in August of 2014 to complete my undergraduate degree in psychology (minoring in religious studies) at Naropa University. I graduated in 2017. In May of 2019, I applied for an entry-level job at Colorado Parks & Wildlife as a gate attendant at Eldorado Canyon State Park in Boulder County. I wanted to take a job where I could be outside very day and be of service to my state and my community. Within two months, I received a promotion to park ranger trainee staying in that position until 2021.
In 2020 I left Boulder and moved to Fort Collins where my fiancé Ethan Daniel Berndt lives and works as a nurse’s aide at the Poudre Valley Hospital Neonatal ICU.
I was hired by the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources and serve in the Aquatic Nuisance Species program as a boat inspector for Carter Lake County Park.
My ten-year plan is to be a limited ranger for the next five years and work towards becoming a full-commissioned ranger. With ten to twenty years, I hope to run for office in local government and service as an elected official.
I have a civic mindset and am someone who has always put others’ needs before my own. Now that I have established myself in my career path though local government, I feel that I am ready to join Rotary.
I came across Rotary in 2017 when I felt the call to be part of something bigger than myself. At the time, I was not ready to be a Rotarian as I still had to find my purpose and how I could best serve my community. Today, I am prepared to join this organization and develop into the thriving community leader in Northern Colorado. I already live by the motto of ‘service above self”. I will continue to do so throughout my professional career and volunteer service.