International Projects and Grants Committee announced RI's approval for a second project to help create prosperity for Guatemalan women in poverty, and released an update on the facilities upgrade for the Ntsika School in South Africa.  
The Guatemalan project is in support of the San Mateo & Mazatenango Rotary clubs.  The Ntsika facilities upgrade is in support of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole and Rotary Club of Grahamstown, South Africa.  
The Ntsika school facilities upgrade is bringing much needed infrastructure improvements. The school bathrooms are now sanitary with new tilework and fixtures, the leaking septic tanks on the playgrounds have been corrected, water storage created and flowing and the kitchen/scullery area vastly improved.  Congrats to everyone!
The Guatemalan project will empower disenfranchised women who run small businesses in Guatemala with the skills and resources need to pull themselves and families out of poverty. The grant will provide Financial Literacy Training sessions, one-on-one meetings with Business Advisors, and digital tools training.  All the women are receiving microloans for their businesses.