The November Rotarian magazine featured an article, We the People, challenging Rotary to “…move beyond grants and volunteerism, although that work is good, …..into accountable relationships…”  Rotarians seek to understand through truth, fairness, goodwill and behavior beneficial to all.  Though we may not understand it, this past year the “Black Lives Matter” movement challenged our nation to do better.   
Next month, RCFC's Programs Committee has scheduled three Relevant, Informative, Timely and Educational programs focused on our past, our present, and our potential for greater impact and change.  The series starts on February 10 when nationally recognized author Dr. Melba Beals joins us via Zoom to discuss her experience as one of "The Little Rock Nine", chronicled in her book, Warriors Don't Cry.   The Rotary Readers book fellowship is reading Warriors Don't Cry for February 11, discussion.  
The three programs scheduled during Black History Month are:  
February 10: Our History:  Kicking off the series, Dr. Melba Beals, author of national Bestseller “Warriors Don’t Cry” will discuss her experience as one of nine African American high school students chosen in 1957 to integrate Little Rock, Arkansas’s Central High School.  From her other books, March Forward Girl (a prequel to Warriors), White is a State of Mind (a follow on to Warriors), and I Will Not Fear, My Story of a Lifetime of Building Faith Under Fire, she will share valuable lessons learned.  
February 17: The Present: Dr. Rickey Frierson, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the CSU Warner College of Natural Resources has been invited to join RCFC, and decided to do his homework first.  This program will discuss his research into RCFC’s “brand” within the Communities of Color, and suggest actions we can do to engage a more diverse membership and local Communities of Color.  
February 24: The Future:  Mary Ontiveros, recently retired CSU VP of Diversity, will discuss her life experience, growing up in Pueblo, graduating from CSU and rising through the ranks to VP of Diversity.  Her lessons learned and how she worked to effect change in the higher education system will be instructional for Rotarians wishing to effect change.  Mary Ontiveros has also been invited to join RCFC, and is in the application process.