Last week was our “Annual Meeting” as required by our bylaws.  After our Cadet of the Month recognition, Immediate Past President,  Steve Laine reviewed the slate of 2020/2021 RCFC candidates and instructed those who had not yet voted on-line to complete the distributed paper ballots. These were collected and the results will be counted and announced in the future.
For the remainder of the meeting we engaged in round table Strategic Planning discussions. Six questions were considered by those members present at the meeting. Discussions were led by a designated member facilitator at each table and the results were summarized in writing and presented to the President at the end of the meeting.
The six written questions were –
A. What does Rotary mean to you
B. What do you want to do in Rotary? 
C. What should our Rotary Club stop doing? 
D. What numbers and types of members should we attract, nurture and retain?
E. What communications methods and content are needed for you, existing members, new members, and the communities we reach?
F. What fundraising ideas do you recommend?
Speaking for this writer’s table, we had full involvement and thoughtful responses.  Recommendations based on this membership input will be presented to the club at some future meeting.