Posted on Dec 05, 2021
Community Development & Engagement Lead; Blue Federal Credit Union Cheyenne, Wyoming
Chandler believes becoming a Rotarian will grant him the chance to increase positive impact in his community, job, and personal life. Furthermore, being a Rotarian will be an outlet for Chandler to put what he believes about himself into action. It will provide a source for him to serve the community, grow professionally, as well as fulfill the purpose of what it means to be a Rotarian. Chandler envisions applying the Four-Way test is to use it as a baseline in his decision making process. Chandler commented… though simple enough to recite without notes, the test is something that seems to be designed to gently remind oneself to strive to be better and to seek the best solution. Often times he finds himself in a position of being too harried to fully think about every decision. The Four-Way test is a check to that mentality and allows him to slow down, consider options and move forward with confidence.