Posted on Jan 16, 2022
By profession, I am an attorney. However, I also have a small hand in real estate (which I am trying to grow). The real estate side mostly includes rental properties, flips, and being an investor in investment syndicates. I’m also currently funding an inventor’s path to the market for his device. I love working with startups and have done so since college.
Why I want to be a Rotarian I’d like to get plugged into the community in a positive way. I love the idea of being part of a group of friends and professionals that do-good things for the community and world. I only just moved to Northern Colorado in January, so this is also an opportunity to meet more people in the community. The Four-Way Test is something we try to apply at our law firm. We specifically chose the practice areas that we chose because we didn’t like the shouting matches that a lot of the law demanded. We thought the best way to serve someone was to get them set up in a way so that they didn’t have to end up in court one day. In my personal life, I can benefit from being reminded of the Four-Way Test as a way of life. We all make mistakes, and we all are going to forget the Four-Way Test at times. However, to be part of a club that understands it and tries to implement it in their lives as well would serve anyone well.