Cadet Scott Ropiecki is the Rotary Cadet of the Month - November 2023! Scott is a junior at CSU majoring in Chemical Engineering. He is a South New Jersey native and started at Rutgers University before transferring to CSU his sophomore year. This semester he is in charge of “Ram Town”, which is a gravitational point as an interactive experience outside the CSU football stadium during pre-game activities. His primary ROTC focus this year is on training for the upcoming 38-day cadet field training at Ft Knox in the summer of 2024.
While there with ROTC students from around the Nation his leadership potential will be tested and assessed. 40% of the summer grade will be based on physical outcomes (6-, 8-,12-, mile ruck march & a 14-day crucible at Ft Knox. LTC Matt Tillman, Ram Battalion Commander, introduced Scott as “an example to juniors and a man of character.” Scott commented that he wants to positively influence freshmen & sophomores to become better leaders and be the best person they can be. Upon commissioning into the U.S. Army, Scott hopes to be selected into the Engineer Branch of the Service. Rotary congratulates Scott on his Rotary Award recognition and offers best wishes for future success in finishing college and serving our Nation!
Photo: Rotarian Susan Brand presents Award to Cadet Scott Ropiecki with LTC Matt Tillman, Ram Battalion Commander