Last week, past president Steve Laine hosted the annual Changing of the Guard event.  Following a short technical challenge the meeting proceeded quickly with an early dismissal time.  After 2020-21 Officer and Director inductions, (now Past-) President Rob Marschke summarized the accomplishments of this past year, and President Del Benson provided a glimpse into his focus for the coming year - Increasing membership in RCFC - the “You Plus 2” idea, improved communication between our club and community leaders, new funding proposals, fellowship options in the COVID (Zoom) era, and promotion of civility in our local relationships as a starting point for improved race relationships and promotion of local and world peace.
The inspiration by Larry Kunter focused on early 2020 with its’ COVID challenges and the new (hopefully temporary) reality and how it has been managed so well by Dr Rob Marschke and will be by Del Benson.
2018-19 President Steve proceeded with the induction of our new president, Del Benson, followed by the induction of new officers and directors.
We enjoyed two “Special Events” - Rob opened a delivered package containing a Past President pin and a recognition plaque.  Del opened his package which contained the 2020-2021 RCFC President badge.   Dr Marshke reflected on the past year with “thank you’s” to club members, his wife, the Board and the committees.  His 3 major goals for the year were met - reorganization of the club’s financial structure, planning for the Peach Festival (cancelled but an opportunity to do future festivals better) and improved coordination between the noon and evening groups.
Our new talented president will surely face some challenges as the pandemic evolves, as we move our meeting site, and, as we learned this year, the possibility of things we  cannot now forsee. Based on our experience this year, our leadership will be up to the task.