Learn more about a few of our newest members
Past President Rob Marschke inducted the Rotary Club of Fort Collin's newest member, Stephen Smith, sponsored by Dave Stewart.  Smith is a water engineer and businessman having designed and built water projects worldwide.  All Disneyland irrigation projects worldwide were designed and built by Smith's company.  Please welcome Stephen Smith!
Via Zoom, Past President Steve Laine inducted our newest member, Min Fan.  Min is part of Heartland China, an organization dedicated to improving relations between China and the US, and is sponsored by Bill Timpson and Jean Lamm.  
Min has already delivered her new member 'intro' talk, but did announce and thank RCFC for the $500/$1500 District Matching Grant for masks for the homeless at the Fort Collins Rescue mission.  Details are in the Community Grants story.    
Past President Steve Laine inducted Susan Walker as our newest RCFC member, sponsored by Bill West.  Susan is the Director of Community Outreach for MacKenzie Place.  Susan gave her classification talk on the spot, stressing her personal mission to help seniors who can't afford it get appropriate care.  Welcome Susan!!

Past President Steve Laine inducted Jenn Holm, sponsored by Kelly Kettler into RCFC's evening membership.  Jenn then gave her new member talk, noting she was raised in Riverside California.  She has 3 sons, likes rock climbing and extreme activities, door making. and yoga.  She is a real estate broker and looks forward to the service, connections and the international focus of Rotary.
November 20, 2019, Steve Laine inducted our newest member, Gloria Gleave.  Gloria is a retired former teacher (CSU), travels internationally extensively and is sponsored by Glen Schmidt and Robin Steele.  She will join the Evening group.
Kerrie Luginbill, chair of the After Hours Fellowship, introduced Steve Laine (RCFC immediate Past President) who inducted his son, Mathew Laine, into Rotary and the Evening Fellowship.  Matthew is an Account Executive with Brown & Brown of Colorado for Commercial Insurance, and is sponsored by Jon Land.  Welcome Matt!!
January 8, 2020, we welcomed our newest member, Kurt Magstadt, sponsored by Chuck Rutenberg.  Immediately after induction Kurt gave his new member talk, and introduced his wife.  Kurt and his family moved to Fort Collins from Florida last August, wanting to experience '4 seasons' and the outdoor life we all take for granted. 
Past President Steve Laine also welcomed back returning member Bob McCluskey, sponsored by Bill Moellenhoff.  Welcome Kurt!  Welcome back Bob!
Past President Steve Laine inducted our newest member, Grace Taylor, who will join the Evening fellowship.  Grace is Vice President of Operations for PVH and MCR, both hospitals are part of UCHealth.  She oversees several support services and fosters relationships with network affiliate hospitals.  She is sponsored by Stacy Plemmons.  
Wednesday May 8, Past President Jeanne Fangman inducted RCFC's newest member, Jeptha Bernstein, sponsored by  Kathy Nicol.  Jeptha is an accomplished violinist, and the Founding Executive Director of non-profit Off the Hook Arts youth music program.  She has an extensive resume, having played with at least 10 different orchestras including the Metropolitan Museum Orchestra.  A brief bio can be found at https://offthehookarts.org/staff-artist/jephta-bernstein/ 
May 24, RCFC's newest member, Rich Fisher was inducted by Past President Jeanne Fangman.  Rich is sponsored by Jim Collinson.  Welcome Rich.
April 10, Past President Jeanne Fangman inducted new member Kip Turain, sponsored by Bill Schaffter.  Kip recently retired as Commander of the US Air Force ROTC program at CSU.  Kip and wife Maria have two children, Cayla and Cristian.  Kip has a bachelor's degree in management, plus three masters degrees: HR Development; Military Operational Art and Science; and National Security Strategic Studies.  Welcome Kip Turain! 
March 20, Past President Jeanne Fangman inducted our two newest members:  Don Jorgensen (sponsored by Stacy Plemmons) and Meghana Bhatnager (sponsored by Mara Johnson).   Dr. Jorgensen is a recently retired Orthodontist, and a returning Rotarian, having been a member of RCFC many years ago.   Meghana is a vice president with Adams Bank and a member of the Satellite fellowship.  
Bob Simmons was born in 1944 in Brooklyn to what he said was a non-eventful youthful period. None of his family was college educated, but his father emphasized getting educated. So Bob got a BS degree in Zoology from Houghton College in 1966, an MS degree from Michigan State in Anatomy and an MD from Wake Forest in 1972...
Rajiv Mehta started his new member talk by saying that he was from Mumbai, India. He obtained a degree in engineering at Bombay University in 1973. He then started his career here in the United States by obtaining a M. S. Degree in Engineering at CSU, followed later by an MBA degree from the Harvard Business School. After obtaining his Masters Degree, he taught in the CSU College of Business from 1977-1980...
Martin Nelson gave his classification talk this week.  Martin said that it was good to be a Rotarian again, he was a member and president of the Creede, CO Rotary club in the mid 1980s. Martin thanked George Landsverk for reintroducing him to Rotary.
Martin was born in Wurtzburg, Germany in 1949 during the time his father was in Military Intelligence. He went to school in Braunau am Inn, Austria, Hitler’s home town. Due to his fathers military career, they moved a lot. He spent lots of years in Alaska and also in Utah. He lived in Alaska during the time of the 9.2 scale earthquake, which started his interest in Geology. He went to high school in El Paso, Texas and said that since there was a college in town, he would attend there, U. of Texas at El Paso. There Martin got both a B.S. and M.S. in Geology..
Dave Everitt is a returning member of our club, having first joined in 1994. Dave said that his family moved to Fort Collins in 1953 when his father, Rotarian Bob Everitt, bought a lumber yard. He said his youth was filled with excess energy and mischief. He played all kinds of sports and graduated from Fort Collins High School in 1968. He obtained his Bachelors Degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado, and went on to obtain a Masters of Theology Degree from Denver Seminary in addition to completing the Executive Program for Smaller Companies at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Dave spent 8 years working in the campus ministry at CU and other places...
Robert “Rob” Marschke gave his classification talk by stating that he is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana where he attended High School.  He did spend one year of High School in Honolulu, Hawaii as an exchange student.  He graduated from the U. of Wisconsin with a major in Zoology and a minor in Chemistry.. Then he attended Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and graduated cum laude.  His internal medicine residency and medical oncology were completed at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  For many years Dr. Marschke was a member of the medical staff of Mayo Clinic in Arizona where he held the position of Chairman of the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology...
Susan Gutowsky said that she has wanted to be a Rotarian for a long time because she loves what Rotary does for our community and for the school system. But, as a teacher, she could not attend noon meetings, but now in retirement from teaching, she is proud to join our club. Her sponsors are Laurie Klith and Judy Boggs.

Anthony Cisneros completed his undergraduate degree at Chadron State College and attended Law School at both the University of South Dakota as well as the University of Wyoming. After undergraduate school he served in the Army before Law School. His first job was in the Motor Cycle Safety Apparel business before he entered the Financial Services Industry in 2007 and joined Merrill Lynch in 2011. He focuses on creating strategies that prepare employers and their employees for retirement...

President Lee Jeffrey told Bill Timpson that he has three minutes to do his classification talk. Bill responded that he was an academic and that they take at least three minutes to ask a question. Bill is a professor in the School of Education at CSU. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in American History from Harvard U in 1968, he went on to teach high school in inner city Cleveland in a tough time that included riots and the deaths of important citizens. There he got interested in how schools and education can help people and whole communities out of the traumas and move forward in positive and constructive ways. Due to that experience he moved on to completed a doctoral degree in educational psychology at the U. of Wisconsin that would help him in following and improving that type of issue...