Learn more about a few of our newest members
I am originally from Mill Valley, California. I moved to Boulder, CO in August of 2014 to complete my undergraduate degree in psychology (minoring in religious studies) at Naropa University. I graduated in 2017. In May of 2019, I applied for an entry-level job at Colorado Parks & Wildlife as a gate attendant at Eldorado Canyon State Park in Boulder County. I wanted to take a job where I could be outside very day and be of service to my state and my community. Within two months, I received a promotion to park ranger trainee staying in that position until 2021.
My name is Martha Apuan.  I am married to Gene Apuan and we have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  I was born in El Paso, TX and I lived there until I was 21.  We have lived in Texas, Wyoming, Nevada, California, Idaho, Colorado and Japan.  We spent 2 years as missionaries in Japan from 2018-2020.  We enjoyed our time in Japan learning about the culture, traditions and the people.  My primary ministry became teaching English to preschoolers, elementary kids, and adults.  I always dreamed of being a teacher, so I was able to fulfill my dream. 
I was born in Denver and have lived in Colorado my entire life with the exception of one year. I grew up in Franktown, CO, as the oldest of four kids. Where my parents still live today. I graduated from Ponderosa High School. I graduated from CSU with a Marketing degree in 2018 and decided to stay in Fort Collins. After working full time for Old Town Athletic Club for a few months out of school, I started working for Della Parola Capital Management. Initially, I was brought on for more of a Marketing role. However, the job served as an introduction to the field of Finance, where I’ve been ever since. I now work with Ryan Cosner and Cosner Financial Group here in Fort Collins after Ryan offered me a great opportunity to obtain my Securities Licenses and become a Financial Advisor.
Donald states "I sold my homecare business Caregivers, Inc. in December 2021 after 19 years as a franchise owner. I have three children and seven grandkids scattered across the country. I have changed career directions a few times in the past. My career in academia includes a year as a visiting professor at CSU."
My name is Gregory Musto, full time residential REALTOR for Hub Real Estate & also a small Business owner of a small Auto Brokerage (RJM Automotive). I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts; however, I moved to this amazing state in 2002. No, I am not a native, but I did get here as fast as I could! I have been blessed to live in such a great community of northern Colorado ever since. 
The Board approved the application for membership for Michael Flesher. Michael was SR Vice President & Corporate Secretary, Farm Credit Bank, now retired. Michael states "I am a native of Lincoln, NE and the oldest of three. Now retired, I spent the first 15 years of my working acer as a broadcast journalist, and the remining 30 years as a senior executive with America's largest bank committed to serving rural America and agriculture. Given my broadcast news background, I am a news and current events junkie with dep interest in government , finance and economics and our country's short history."
Riley states "I am Riley Spight and I was born and raised in Northern Colorado and I have a great sense of pride being from this area. I grew up in Greeley and went to Colorado State University where I studied Agriculture Business. I currently work for IMA Select where I work with individuals and businesses on safeguarding their assets. I come from a very close family and they too live in Fort Collins today. Family and friends are everything to me and I spend a great amount of time with my family. I am an avid fly fisher and love to spend my free time outdoors."
I was born in Peru and came to this country when I was 3 years old with my parents and two older brothers. We lived in NJ up until 2008 when my parents decided to trade in the city life and move to colorful Colorado. I was hired on to my first "real" job as an administrative assistant for an engineering firm called Riverside Technology and quickly learned that I really enjoyed the people piece of my job. After 6 months into my new role, the Director of Human Resources met with me and asked me if I wanted to learn more about HR and if I would like to join his team as an HR Assistant. I vividly remember him saying "I am going to take you under my wing because I think you would be a great HR Director one day". 13 years later, I still enjoy coaching, developing, and working with people in my HR role. On a personal note, I never returned back to NJ and am now a proud mother of a 4 year old named Landon and a 10 year old Weimaraner named Maci Moose.
Trudy was born and raised in Michigan. She received her Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Eastern Michigan University and Wayne State University. She later received her Doctorate from the University of Denver. Professionally Trudy has taught and worked in Michigan, Florida and Colorado. She has taught/worked with students from first grade to doctoral candidates.
Cody is interested in becoming a Rotarian for a few reason. First, because of the heavy efforts the organization takes towards bettering the community. He is a strong advocate for positive action and that starts with community involvement. Second, he enjoys being around individuals that have a like-minded goal and purpose. Being around those who enjoy helping others makes him feel fulfilled. Cody states, “Lastly, it is a distinguished organization that will lead me to personally bettering myself through the people I meet.” Cody further comments, “The four-way test is applicable to all situations in life and applies to folks from all walks of life.”
I moved to Fort Collins in December of 2020 with my husband, Luke, and our dog, Penny. We are originally from upstate NY and moved to Denver in 2014. We wanted to move to a smaller community as well as find a dental practice for me to purchase. We were ecstatic when both of our wishes led us to Fort Collins. After a partnership period, I finally completed my goal of owning my own practice in January 2022.
My name is Tanner Massey, and I am a 27-year-old, Colorado-born, Christian man who, in recognizing the privileged/blessed life I’ve lived up-to-this-point, wants to, not out of shame but gratitude, do everything in my power to improve the lives of those around me.
By profession, I am an attorney. However, I also have a small hand in real estate (which I am trying to grow). The real estate side mostly includes rental properties, flips, and being an investor in investment syndicates. I’m also currently funding an inventor’s path to the market for his device. I love working with startups and have done so since college.
I have been married to Susan for 53 years. I was raised in Grand Haven, Michigan and graduated from Calving College and the University of Michigan Medical School. I completed an OB/Gyn residency in Ann Arbor Michigan and then served two years in the U.S. Army in Alabama. I moved with Susan and our two daughters in 1978. I was in private practice as an OB/Gyn physician until 2012. I have had a passion for the medically underserved throughout my career.
 I grew up in a small town near Albany, New York. After meeting my wife Sara, we decided we wanted to move somewhere that better suited our hobbies once we completed our educational goals. That is what led us to Colorado. I enjoy fly fishing, skiing, camping and playing soccer, among other outdoor activities. Moving to Colorado provided us the opportunity to have a better chance to enjoy the benefits of the being closer to nature.
After serving 24 years in the Air Force as an intelligence officer and retiring from my final assignment at the Pentagon this summer, my family and I have relocated to Fort Collins. I am working remotely for eSimplicity, a digital services company in Maryland. I am eager to connect with the Fort Collins community and serve in new way. Why Fort Collins?
Kristi Bohlender - Colorado State University Alumni Association Executive Director
I am so thrilled about the opportunity for Colorado State University to become more active with the Rotary in Fort Collins.  As a product of northern Colorado, Rotary has always been special to me.  I remember participating with the lunch Rotarians (too many years ago) when I was the student body President at Fort Collins High School, and then throughout all of my years when I was working in the CSU Athletic Department.  It was such an honor to be the guest at Rotary, and I can still hear Shelly Godkin asking, “How about those Rams” as he introduced our coaches and student-athletes.  It was also incredibly special to be the guest of my dad Don (Unger) and brother Kevin (Unger) on occasion!
Community Development & Engagement Lead; Blue Federal Credit Union Cheyenne, Wyoming
Chandler believes becoming a Rotarian will grant him the chance to increase positive impact in his community, job, and personal life. Furthermore, being a Rotarian will be an outlet for Chandler to put what he believes about himself into action. It will provide a source for him to serve the community, grow professionally, as well as fulfill the purpose of what it means to be a Rotarian. Chandler envisions applying the Four-Way test is to use it as a baseline in his decision making process. Chandler commented… though simple enough to recite without notes, the test is something that seems to be designed to gently remind oneself to strive to be better and to seek the best solution. Often times he finds himself in a position of being too harried to fully think about every decision. The Four-Way test is a check to that mentality and allows him to slow down, consider options and move forward with confidence.
Please welcome David Dunne. David is from San Antonio, TX and moved to Fort Collins in 2021. He has been a Rotarian for 21 years and has held numerous leadership positions including president of both the Boerne Sunrise Club 2020-21 and The Rotary Club of San Antonio at the Dominion 2008-09.
    Wednesday, April 28, six new Rotarians were officially inducted into RCFC; the seventh, Mo Salman, was inducted May 5, completing the March/April new member Cohort.  Meet the seven new Rotarians:
    Colin Campbell, an engineer who enjoyed a career in the High Tech, Medical and Aerospace industries, including Hewlett Packard.
    Irene Josey, our current Larimer County Treasurer and Public Trustee, whose father is a Rotarian in Vermillion, SD.
    Shana Martinez, an Audiologist with Oticon Medical, specializing in cochlear implant technology.  Shana was a Rotary Exchange Student to Canada!
    Mary Ontiveros, grew up in Pueblo, graduated from CSU, and worked her way up to become the Vice President for Diversity Emeritus, of Colorado State University. 
    Mo Salman, born in Iran, Doctor of Vet Medicine who has practiced in multiple countries and is now professor and researcher of Infectious Diseases in Animals at CSU.
    Steve Schaffer, Doctor of Dentistry, who went to high school with Don Jorgensen in Lincoln Nebraska and graduated from the NU School of Dentistry.  
    Juan Villaseñor, 8th District Court Judge, who immigrated to the US from Mexico at age 15, graduated from the Vanderbilt Law School, and is now enrolled in an on-line Master of Laws Degree from Duke University.  
    Congratulations to all, and Welcome to RCFC!