This Wednesday, April 25th,  Mike Kohler, Business Education Coordinator for the Larimer County Workforce Center, will explain how  today’s employment market has dramatically changed. With record lows in unemployment but troubling highs in underemployment, northern Colorado employers are facing a skills gap that makes recruitment and hiring challenging and highly competitive.  

 With undergrad and graduate degrees from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Mike has been a business owner, business coach and communication consultant, and was a communications executive for two of the largest U.S. broadband companies.  He now manages leadership and workforce development training for the Larimer County Workforce Center’s Business Services Team.  He is an active member of the Northern Colorado Human Resources Association and hosts monthly continuing education sessions of the Association of Training and Development.  

Mike co-authored The Educated Franchisee, a guide for prospective franchise entrepreneurs. He currently serves as an advisor with CSU’s Venture Accelerator Program. In 2015, he received a Teacher of the Year honor from West Virginia University’s marketing and communications graduate program, which was recognized in 2015 as America’s top online grad program.  

April 11, new Rotarian Harry Mueller regaled RCFC with his personal history.  Harry and his wife, Susan Brand, have two children,  James and Kristen (a.k.a "Squee" who chose her own name).   Harry has a BS, Geology, Birmingham-Southern College and his PhD in Geology from University of Texas Austin.  He spent one year in Vietnam as a guest of the U.S. Army (Corps of Engineers), 26 years with Exxon, 7 years with Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and moved to Fort Collins in 2008.  He enjoys pottery, music and local geology, as well as teaching at Osher institute (including teaching one class), and he volunteers at the Global Village Museum the Lincoln Center Gallery and Fort Collins Natural Areas.   Welcome Harry.

Wednesday, April 18, RCFC enjoyed our 30th annual celebration of exceptional service to others.  Del Benson MC'd the program.  Please join in thanking the following Rotarians for their exceptional "Service in Action".  

MAX GETTS 4-WAY TEST AWARD:  Ross and Judy Lane
SPIRIT OF ROTARY AWARD:  Annette Geiselman  
QUIET ROTARIAN:  Martin Nelson
President’s Citations:  Justie Nicol, Del Benson, Marty Bachman
President-Elect Steve Laine announced the start of RCFC's annual Financial Commitment Drive, noting that "We have always been generous with our time and talent.  It’s time think about what you can do in the ‘treasure’ department for next year".  Steve set a goal to increase support for Community Grants, Scholarships and all of the things RCFC does to impact people and our community by 10% this year.  Financial Commitment forms are due to Assistant Treasurer Bonnie Titley no later than May 9.
Community Co-Chairs Rob Marschke and Kathy Nicol presented a $3000 Community Grants check to Mary Popko, Executive Director of the Fort Collins Symphony.  The grant will fund “Open Notes” pre-concert youth education programs.
President Elect Steve Laine kicked off this year's annual drive to support RCFC's Charitable mission, introducing this year's Financial Commitment and asking members to seriously consider their support.  The goal is to have the 2018-19 budget final in June so the Board and Committees understand their funding support.  Members are asked to return their 2018-19 Financial Commitment form to Assistant Treasurer, Bonnie Titley.  
Committee Chair Randy Kurtz congratulated RCFC for our 26 years supporting of Merit Badge University both through time and talent, and through our treasure.  He then presented a check for $1200 to Ty Miller, representing Boy Scouts Longs Peak Council.
Last week RCFC member Dan Ward, took on us a tour of the universe.  Dan has a Bachelor of Engineering Science and a PhD in Nuclear Physics and ( lucky for us), a remarkable interest and understanding of our universe.
The "clear sky" (away from our urban lights) was shared with pictures of "nearby" galaxies and other astronomical images. Sourced from the Hubble telescope and other sites, these  colorful images were awe-inspiring and beautiful at the same time.
We struggled with Dan to comprehend the "gargantuan" size of the universe and our (miniscule) place in it.  The importance and character of "dark energy" and "dark matter" was explored.
Finally, Dan discussed the "expanding universe", the "Big Bang" and the possible forces that drive these phenomena.  Although this is the "Golden Age of Astronomy" we were all left with many questions to be answered by future generations.
Wednesday April 4, Committee Chair Tammie Niemann awarded 6 "March Madness" STEM grants, totaling $4399, that will benefit more than 1000 students!  
Tavelli Elementary Kindergarten teacher Amie Tyler received $1000 to build 50 take-home backpack kits ("homework for Kindergarteners"), 10 in each science, technology, engineering and math, to encourage family involvement in  education.  Her excitement for her job was obvious!
Ann Alfonso, Principal of Bethke Elementary,  accepted our grant for $1000 to purchase Bee Bots and Makey Makey kits. 
Geoffrey Schroeder of Weber Middle School received a $770 grant to purchase 3D tool heads and flexible filaments, allowing an expanded 3D and Online Design program touching 90 upperclassmen  and every 6th grader.
Expanding Your Horizons, a non-profit geared toward exposing PSD middle school girls to STEM careers received a $419 grant to purchase laser equipment to be used by physics, engineering and architecture workshops at their annual conference.  Accepting the award for EYH was Megan, a CSU Grad Student volunteering at EYH.  
Werner Elementary 1st Grade received $500 for an iPad mini and stand to teach STEM and 21st Century skills.  
PSD Global Academy received $710.00 for a hotshot raceway and timer to study aerodynamic principals, efficiency and speed of cars. 
April Cadet of the Month, Peter Jurgens, was hosted by committee member Jan Bertholf.   A Fort Collins native, Jurgens was introduced by SFC Larry Kelser.  He is an Information System/Computer Science major, and plans to be a Military Intelligence Officer.  
"We are not victims."  Last week RCFC heard from well-known businessman and author, Larry Kendall.  Larry was introduced by neighbor and friend, Dave Stewart.  Larry is a Rotarian, founding partner of the Group, Inc., professor, and most recently, a best selling author.  On Wednesday, he shared a summary of his sales training system and excerpts from his best-selling book, Ninja Sales.
Larry started by convincing his audience that we are all in sales, whether sales reps, teachers, engineers, GI surgeons or even parents.
He taught us the 3 keys to effective selling- 1. Mind Set, 2. Skill Set and 3. Action.  Mind set requires the seller to transition from "victim" to "player" status.
Skill set is all about connection and solution for the client rather than pressure and sales quota.
Action involves the "Platinum Rule" (Treat others like they would like to be treated).
We learned how this approach requires insight into another's personality and motivations. This was illustrated by using motivational/personality  measures to categorize people  as "power, party, perfectionist or peace" people. Thus, we learned something about ourselves and our "clients (those whom we wish to influence and connect with).
There was something for everyone in this presentation.
Wednesday March 28, SoM Committee Chair Jack Vogt congratulated our March Student of the Month, Kaitlyn Williams, of the PSD Global Academy.  Kaitlyn was accompanied and introduced by Dinah Unruh, Senior Advisory and Math Teacher, and accompanied by her parents, Tiffany and Cory.  Congratulations Kaitlyn.  
March Teacher of the Month was Jennifer Martinez of  Bacon Elementary School. She was introduced by her Principal, Joe Horky.  After leading  us in singing she gave an account of how music classes have evolved since most Rotarians took the subject. Activities such as song writing, playing in different keys and building a song on computers were among the many new techniques she mentioned. Ms. Martinez stressed that it is important to meet students where they are, including students of all interests and abilities, and autistic and disabled students. In her classes joyful participation initiates the process of music education.
District Governor Bill Emsley reminds Rotarians to sign up for the District Conference, May 3 to 5, in Estes Park.  Details of all events are on the District 5440 website http://rotary5440.org/.  DG Bill promises interesting speakers and the opportunity to meet other Rotarians.  He also reminded us that Rotary's International Conference will be held this year in Toronto.  Travel time is about equal to Jackson Hole!
Wednesday March 28, President Jeanne Fangman announced that Eric Peterson has completed all requirements and awarded his Blue Badge.   Eric's sponsor is President Elect Rob Marschke.  Eric has been editing the weekly Program Write up for Rotogear, and is active in on the Legacy Committee.  Congratulations Eric!

Dr. Beth Walker, Dean of the CSU College of Business provided our club members with an update on what’s happening at the College of Business at CSU.  There are 5,100 students currently enrolled in the College of Business of which 1,600 are minors and 2,500 are undergraduates.  This student body of the business school is supported by 132 faculty of which 67 are tenured.

The current freshman class is the largest they have ever had at the university and they are also the most academically gifted as well as being the most diverse.  This class also has the most first generation students.

The business school seeks to bring world class researchers who are passionate about teaching students.  Some of these top-notch professors have their articles and various writings published in notable journals such as the Wall Street Journal.

93% of the school’s graduates receive job offers in less than 180 days of graduation.  The Business School’s most prolific recruiter of students is Goldman Sachs, followed by companies such as Charles Schwab, KPMG, Lockheed Martin and JP Morgan Chase.

CSU has one of the top graduate programs in the country, ranking #3 in the world for their MBA in Social Entrepreneurship.  They ranked #5 for their degree in Social Impact and #15 in the world and #10 in the nation for their online MBA program.  They are currently the #1 ranked online MBA program in Colorado as ranked by US News and World Report.

The freshman retention rate is 93.7% and 68% of these students graduate in 4 years while 83% graduate in 6 years.  Scholarships increased to 104 this past year, that were in excess of $25,000, and the school’s number of new donors increased by 44%.

Less than 5% of the world’s business schools are accredited by the AACSB and CSU’s College of Business is one of them.  They have Friday morning staff gatherings to establish relationships among the themselves, they participate in programs to give back to the community such as “Cans Around the Oval”, Coats for Kids and the Polar Plunge and the Business School’s faculty/staff giving record is #1 at CSU.

The final aspect of the program featured a video about Kevin Hoyt who, after falling off a roof and becoming paralyzed, started taking one class at a time at his own pace and finished his education and walked across the stage at graduation!  Dean Beth Walker provided a very informative and interesting program after which several questions were asked by club members (some by former CSU professors themselves!).

Abby Jackson, Treasurer of Fort Collins Rotaract Club at CSU, presents a check for $5,568 for the BioGas Project in Nepal, to Robin Steele, IPG Committee Chair,.  Total Rotaract contribution to the project was $6068, primarily earned via of Rotaract’s Breakfast Bingo fundraiser.
During the Rotary After Hours event Wednesday March 21, President Jeanne Fangman inducted RCFC's newest Satellite Member, Jennifer Brooks.  Jennifer is a self-employed Health Care Consultant with two children, and has previously volunteered at the Peach Festival, with the BBBrews fund raiser, New West Fest Booth and several other events.  She was sponsored by Robin Steele.  Welcome Jennifer!
March 21, RCFC held a Rotary After Hour social function in place of our regular noon meeting.   Attendance was great, and many applications were distributed to interested guests.  Objectives of the event were to share Rotary with the community, to recruit new Rotarians, and enjoy a social evening with friends.  All were accomplished.  Thanks to organizers Phyllis Abt and Justie Nicol, sponsors Nicol Law and Three Four Beer Co., and all the volunteers who made it such a fun event. 

On March 14th, Annette Hoyt and Alli Hummer provided an excellent program on the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program in Larimer County.  This is a nationwide program that began with one judge and several friends.  The judge thought that juveniles in his court were falling through the cracks and wanted to have someone fight for them.  This is done through community volunteers.  A volunteer will likely spend 8 to 10 hours a month with a child but will know their wants and needs and explain to the court their side of the story.  The court system is geared to solve issues with the parents, but has traditionally had less focus on the needs of the children.  The Harmony House (next to the Intel Facility on Harmony) is a location for CASA and their advocates where the children and parents are allowed to be together under supervised observation.  There were lots of questions and the topic was well received.

Bill Schaffer introduced Captain Tonisha Byrd, AFROTC, who introduced Brennan Burke as Cadet of the Month.  Brennan, a sophomore at CSU studying vocal music and neuroscience, taking nursing classes at FRCC, is a member of the CSU AF Honor Guard and holds down two jobs.  She and her sister both chose Air Force, even though raised by Army parents.  Brennan is taking classes at Front Range because she plans to become a flight or surgical nurse.
Wednesday March 7, Sharyn Salmen presented her new member talk, highlighting her professional, personal, and family background, as well hobbies.  Sharyn is currently a Nursing & Healthcare Management Consultant with 40 years experience, and a Fort Collins Community Volunteer.  She received her BSN and MSN (in Nursing Leadership) from the University of MN-School of Nursing, and a MS in Healthcare Management/MBA from CU Denver's Business School, and served in Hospital- Critical Care and Med-Surg Nursing Leadership.   She is a Board member/Honorary Life Member of theFriends of the FC Symphony, and Past President/President-Fundraising.
Sharyn considers herself 100% Swedish, a native Minnesotan from Babbitt MN (population 3000), and a "semi- native"  of Ft. Collins for the last 41 years.  
Sharyn has been married to Larry for 43 years, and considers herself a “Rotary Ann”, for the past 34 years.  She and Larry have attended 4 RI conferences and were GSE Team Leaders to Australia in 2017.  They have 2 sons; Christopher (Cheryl) of Rancho Sante Fe, CA and Adam (Cortney) of Eccleston, UK,  and 4 grandchildren, Eva, Axel James, Ivan and Avery ranging from 8 years to 7 months.
IV. Hobbies: Music of all types; World Travel; Reading; Golf; walking; entertaining
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