This month we honored Kelsey Sutliff, a nine year veteran third grade teacher at Olander School.  She was introduced with great appreciation by Assistant Principal David Arnoff.  When Kelsey began to speak everyone present knew immediately that we had a dynamic teacher speaking directly to us, not reading a script, and connecting firmly with her audience.
After some experience in the business world, Kelsey realized that she belonged as a school teacher, where she could nurture students and open their minds.  She feels she can make a difference every single day and can see it in how her classroom progresses towards unity and transforms into a family.  She says she has “hit the jackpot” when it came to having encouraging and supporting teammates, her fellow teachers and administrators.  She acknowledges how they have made her a better teacher.  She welcomes her mistakes and those from her students, affirming that we all learn from our mistakes.
She wants “her kids” to feel loved, cared for, believed in and valued. In anticipation of being with her students, she wakes up every morning with what she says is “a glow in my heart.”