At our meeting of June 26, Past President Jeanne Fangman presided over RCFC’s annual Changing of the Guard, installing all of the officers for the coming Rotary Year.  The new officers include: 
President: Robert (Rob) Marschke
President Elect: Del Benson
Past President: Steve Laine
Treasurer: Kathy Hawkins
Assistant Treasurer: Bonnie Titley
Secretary: Cindy DeGroot
Executive Secretary: Phyllis Abt
Foundation Chairman: Melanie Chamberlain
Jeanne also installed the newest members of the board of directors: 
Marty Bachman: term expires 2022
John Trone: term expires 2022
Joining the current members of the board:
Steve Vessey: term expires 2020
Jean Lamm: term expires 2020
Annette Geiselman: term expires 2021
Robin Steele: term expires 2021
Kerrie Luginbill: Chair of the Evening Group
Newly installed Past President, Steve Laine, after receiving a plaque of thanks from the club, took the opportunity to thank all of those who helped make his term a success, including the current board, past board members, committee chairmen & members, and all of the project leaders.  Then Past President Jeanne presented a thank-you bouquet to Steve’s wife, Chris. 
Past President Jeanne then provided a chance to roast newly-installed Past President Steve.  Kirvin Knox suggested that Steve could stop introducing himself to everyone since we all know who he is.  Cindy DeGroot and Carrie Baumgart suggested that he could now move to the big boy’s table.  And Del Benson suggested, for his upcoming service as president, that he had learned from Steve to stand tall and hit the bell with authority.