Todd Lambert, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools and Scott Nielson, Assistant Superintendent of the Secondary Schools for Poudre School District updated the Club on the beginning of the “covid” school year.  Currently most students are learning “remotely” from home via a computer and internet links to their teachers.  The District purchased 5,000 lap tops for disadvantaged students and arranged for internet access through a service called “MiFi” for those in need.  Ninety percent of District teachers are instructing their students directly from their classrooms.  To view a recording of the meeting and presentation, please go to
A few groups are, or will soon be, taught within schools, including
   a) “unsheltered” children who have no place to study during the day.  Some have already started school at Lincoln Elementary; others will soon start at Irish and possibly Boys and Girls Clubs.
   b) Approximately 100 early childhood students.
   c) Certain special need students  who will be invited in 1-2 times per week, beginning Sep 8. This includes some autistic students who may have difficulty learning via a computer screen.
Sports seasons: High school softball, cross country, tennis and golf will be played this fall as usual.  Football, soccer, and volleyball are tentatively scheduled to be played in two-month blocks between January and May.  Currently no middle school sports are being scheduled for the fall semester.
In response to questions from Rotarians our speakers reported that
  • teachers are still responsible for reporting potential child abuse situations even though most clues to this problem will probably be identified as teachers observe student and family behavior via computer screens;
  • a few additional mental health professionals have been hired  at PSD as a result of “covid” funding to respond to stresses resulting from the pandemic, but the District also hopes to partner with more community organizations that can help with these needs;
  • no volunteers will be used during the first semester, but the District hopes they can return after the winter break.
  • the only significant risk factor for student performance, according to Mr. Lambert, is their family economic status.
In introducing our speakers, past superintendent Don Unger noted that Poudre School District serves 31,000 students, the ninth largest school district in Colorado, and at 1856 square miles is one of the largest geographically.