In the third of a series on RCFC's Charitable mission, Chair Eric Peterson (via Rob) reported on the Legacy Fund's recent activity and current status.  The Legacy Fund was created to develop and provide a permanent source of supplemental support for RCFC's charitable and humanitarian mission in the Fort Collins area.  At the end of December 2019 our Fund had a value of about $604,000.  During the most recent annual giving, ​69 ​members of our club donated $13,500.
In March of 2019 the Fund made the first of what will be annual support distributions to RCFC Charities in the amount of $20,000.00.  The distribution is based on four percent of a three year average value of the Fund’s current assets.  The 2019 annual distribution plus gifts from the members directly to Charities and proceeds from fund-raisers, allowed our Rotary Club to make grants in 2019 to many non-profit organizations to benefit disadvantaged people in our community.

Examples are: Project Self Sufficiency; The Easter Seals Career Academy;  The Larimer Humane Society;  The Coats and Boots program for needy students in Poudre R-1;  La Familia;  Alliance for Suicide Prevention;  Children’s Theater;  Charis Youth Ranch;  Respite Care;  and others.

When America’s economy settles down, the Committee will consider long-term goals for the Fund.  For now, the trustees simply
encourage all Rotarians to consider supporting the Fund, even in modest amounts.  

Our smallest donation last year was $5, and our largest was $1,000.00.   All are gratefully received.  We want to see our base of support
grow in numbers.  Other Rotary Clubs with an endowment fund such as ours have 100% member participation,  and we hope to move toward that.