This Wednesday the Rotary Club of Fort Collins hosts Gary New, the Operations Section Head for the Wyoming Supercomputing Center in Cheyenne, a part of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  Gary has over 39 years experience in facilities related to healthcare and information technology, and served as the Assistant Project Engineer for the design and construction of the Supercomputer Center.

Following his introduction by Warren Wilson, our speaker will describe the first 8 years operations at the Center, including the setup period and the first 7 years with Supercomputing at the facility. The Center presently works on a second generation Supercomputer,  and has initiated the procurement process for a third generation Supercomputer.   

In addition to his duties for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Gary has 17 years experience in Volunteer Fire / Rescue work,  and is in his second two year term on the Wyoming Workforce Development Council under appointment by the Governor of Wyoming.   Gary is also a member of the Board of Directors for Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Foundation