Contact: Ralph Smith
Fort Collins
United States of America

Our Board of Directors has voted to cancel public club meetings until further notice.

This of course applies to Wednesday noon meetings at the Drake Centre, at least for the next two weeks: i.e. 3/18/20 and 3/25/20 and Evening meeting on 3/18/20. We should be prepared for public meetings of our Rotary Club to remain canceled well into the near future, perhaps for many weeks. The planning for our 4/15/20 evening Service Above Self Awards Dinner including the “Pot Shot” fundraiser will continue with the hope that by 4/15/20 we may resume public meetings. Meanwhile, please consider “virtual meetings” for committees and activities working groups.

Your Board of Directors did not lightly come to this decision to cancel public meetings. This decision is made in the spirit of erring on the side of “an abundance of caution”. The trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic is by no means perfectly clear at this time. We expect to have more meaningful information about the disease in the next few weeks including incidence, prevalence, and death rates for at risk populations. We need to keep in mind that at risk populations include not only our Rotary Club members but also individuals in our community who we contact since we could play a role in public viral disease transmission.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult and uncertain time.

Best and warmest regards,

Rob Marschke, President
Rotary Club of Fort Collins, Est. 1918