Behavioral Biases and Investment Mistakes
On December 12th our speaker will be Vickie Bajtelsmit, a finance professor at CSU since 1991, and currently serving as Director of the Master of Finance program.  After her introduction by Bob Meroney, our speaker will explain why she believes that never in history has it been so easy to be a bad investor.  This presentation will outline some of the most common investing errors, discuss the principles of behavioral finance that explain why we make them, and suggest strategies for better future investment decision-making. 
Dr. Bajtelsmit, a graduate of the University of Virginia,  earned her Ph.D. from Wharton School of Business, and her J.D. from Rutgers University School of Law.  In addition to her work at CSU teaching and mentoring, she appeared for many years  as a columnist for the Coloradoan, and belongs to several professional organizations (serving on the Boards of Directors for many of them).  In addition to her textbook Personal Finance (Wiley, 2017), she has published widely on topics related to retirement, investing, and insurance. Her publications include many articles and studies on gender and marriage related themes in investing and retirement planning. Her community activities include support for Junior Achievement, and, in earlier years, support for the Cub Scouts and BSA.
President Steve Announces $13 Meals for Front Desk Members
At the December 5 meeting, President Steve Laine announced that all meals will now be charged at $13 per week.  Be aware however, this change only affects "front desk members".  
Non-"Front Desk Members" - those who commit on a quarterly basis to underwriting RCFC's commitment to the Rainbow and Drake Center (approximately 104 of 150 members) - will continue to be billed $210 per quarter - $13 per meal plus $4 per week facility charge; $17 total per week.  Effectively, all "Front Desk Members" are now exempt from the $4 per week facility charge.  
Cadet of the Month - Joel Topps
Wednesday December 5, Committee Chair Warren Wilson presented RCFC's Cadet of the Month, Joel Topps.  Joel was introduced by Lt. Col Adam Jung.  Joel is a computer science major and aspires to be a pilot of an A10 or C130.
Turmeric and Spice Released
After more than 4 years of hard work, Rajiv Mehta’s wife, Bina, has become a published author, with the release of Turmeric and Spice, her own Indian cookbook.   Just in time for Christmas - see Rajiv to get a copy. 
Satellite and Project Cure

Satellite members John Trone, Lucinda and Robin visited and toured Project Cure on Monday to explore working together on future Global Grants.  Satellite is already working with them on one in Nigeria and one in Burundi.

Teaching and Learning Peace: Costs and Benefits

Last week RCFC member Dr. Bill Timpson shared his journey (so far) as a peacemaker; starting (and continuing) in Northern Ireland.  The peacemaking connection with Rotary at the global level and  at the local level were reviewed.  RI currently has 6 peace centers.  A newly formed Peacebuilder Club has been started at FCRC and meets after the general meeting on the first Wednesday of the month.  The FCRC Peacebuilder Club met after the general meeting to continue developing local goals and projects.

Bill reported on his experiences at 2 RI Peace Conferences- the World Peace Conference in Ontario,CA in January 2016 and the Conference on Sustainable Peace Building in Vancouver,BC on February 10, 2018.  Bill has published books and articles on  peace building. The steps are 1) Sustainable peace education, 2) Reconciliation and 3) Conflict resolution.  The importance of considering  issues such as food security, safety, and economic needs in peacebuilding were emphasized.  Efforts seem to be most successful when started by grass root movements and involve opponents working side by side with common goals.  Often women have taken the lead as in Northern Ireland with their successful protests to reclaim (peaceful) public space leading ultimately to the ceasefire in that country.  Bill's most recent efforts have been in Burundi working to integrate peace education into the school curriculum at all levels.  Burundi has experienced recent civil war and is among the poorest countries in Africa.
Nominations Committee Announces Candidates
President Steve announced the slate for our Dec. 12 election:
Pres-elect:  Del Benson
Secretary:  Cindy DeGroot
Board (select two):  Marty Bachman, Rajiv Mehta, Larry Salmen, John Trone
Treasurer:  TBA (nominations welcome)
Rotary Club of Fort Collins was chartered August 1, 1918, and this year celebrates 100 Years of Rotary In Fort Collins.  
Club Information
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The Board of Directors has approved the membership application of Holly Pettit and she has met successfully with a Membership Committee representative.  Holly is a Captain for Southwest Airlines and is being sponsored by Robin Steele.  Any comments about Holly as a new member should be directed to the club secretary, Rod Morrison, or to her sponsor in writing by December 19, one week after this notification appears in the December 12th, 2018 print Rotogear.

Randy Kurtz announces that Merit Badge University will be January 5 & 12 from 8:00 - 12 noon at Front Range Community College.

The Rotary History Fellowship will meet immediately after the regular meeting in the Foyer.  Our topic will be presented by Dr. Bob Simmons, MD. It is: 'Drug Controversies: Should the FDA regulate supplements? Do we favor national legalization of marijuana?  Should Medicare be allowed to accept drug cost bidding? Big pharma and the opioid crisis.' Everyone and all opinions are welcome.

Jeanne Fangman and Justice Nicol developed an online ballot for those members who cannot be at the Dec. 12 meeting to vote for next year’s officers.  Voting online will close at noon on Dec. 11.  Remember, you can only vote once!!

Past Announcements still valid:
Salvation Army bell ringing is this Saturday December 15.  We have two stations at Walmart north and one at Kings Soopers on Timberline.  Sign up with Martin.

Sally Lee urged members to give King Soopers cards as gifts.  Talk to her if interested.

Dave Stewart updated the progress at the orphanage in Santa Maria.  300 acres have been added and irrigation improve.
Donna Chapel asked for a show of hands of those who would host a home fellowship dinner.  If interested, tell Donna.
Don Eversole urged us all to consider supporting the FoCo Cafe in their long term financial needs.  Drop in from time to time.
Bill Schaffter urges participation in Fort Collins Read Aloud.  For information, go to

Marty Bachman reminded all to report special occasions/events/illness that the Care and Recognition Committee should acknowledge.  Call Marty, Melanie Chamberlain, or Jeanne Fangman.

Upcoming Events
District Governor Visit - Chuck Rutenberg
Dec 19, 2018
MERRY CHRISMAS - No Rotary Meeting
Dec 26, 2018
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