African Food Relief - Gen 2

This Wednesday, February 27, Dr. Amy Franklin, CSU graduate, DVM and CEO of "Farms for Orphans", joins us to talk about a creative way to supply protein to malnourished orphans.  Dr. Franklin recently passed out seasoned crickets to anyone brave enough to taste them at a sustainability fair at Colorado State University.  While at least half turned down the free sample, our speaker believes similar edible insects can help combat world hunger in places where bugs are not an unusual ingredient.

A 2013 U.N. study estimated about 2 billion people, or 28 percent of the world’s population, regularly consume edible insects.  Franklin’s Loveland based nonprofit raises palm weevil beetle larvae for orphanages in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The grub, long consumed wild in Congo, is typically cooked with a vegetable stir fry and served over rice. “It tastes like little breakfast sausages,” Franklin said.  “It is high in fat, protein, micronutrients and iron and has been a delicacy in the country.”

Franklin first visited Congo in 2011 to treat wild mountain gorillas.  She was inspired to start her own charity after she and her husband's 2013 adoption of their son and daughter from the DRC.  At adoption, the children were so small and malnourished that they didn’t meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standard growth chart.  “It got us thinking about how human potential is lost because of poor nutrition,” Franklin said.  Franklin first explored farming traditional protein sources like poultry or goats but found the Congo orphanages had little land or resources to start such an operation.  This led to farming beetle larvae in plastic bins inside of shipping containers that use no electricity.

Farms for Orphans started the larvae farming project last year.  Franklin, who returns to Congo quarterly, said the organization has impacted 1,200 kids.  Who's up for a sample?

Teacher of the Month - Susan Steinmark
Our Teacher of the Month for February is Susan Steinmark, a thirty year teaching veteran, with 23 of those years in the Poudre School District. Introduced by Assistant Principal, Cheryl Day, Susan is a very busy instructional coach and literary interventionist.  Every day she meets with small groups of students from grades one through five who are struggling with reading.  She also mentors and coaches teachers and is proud of the growth she has observed in them.  This activity has led to her to become a consultant at the district level for literacy professional development for PSD staff, leading professional development sessions.  In preparation, she consumes data attempting to catch students before they falter.  She also is part of the district’s literacy curriculum team and the writing curriculum team.  Besides specific help with reading and writing, Susan is keenly interested in moral lessons she can impart to students and works with school and community student service projects called Lighthouse projects.  She is a teacher with a busy schedule and the dedication to fulfill her many responsibilities.  As a student herself, Susan was a Rotary scholarship recipient 35 years ago!
$3000 Community Grant Awarded
Community Grants Chair Kathy Nicol presented a check for $3000 to the Executive Director of The Family Center/La Familia.  Funds will be used to purchase kitchen equipment including a refrigerator and a dishwasher for their kitchen.  More than 100 children daily will benefit by receiving healthy meals while under the Center’s care.
Newest Blue Badge - Mara Johnson!
February 20, Satellite member Mara Johnson, gave her classification talk and received her blue badge from Robin Steele, her sponsor.  For her talk, Mara told her story of successes and failures in soccer, and what she learned from both.  Her biggest take-away was to look away from own disappointments, toward service to others, and now her life-long commitment to service.  Welcome Mara!
Roberts Ranch, Conservation and Water

Last week our speaker was Zack Thode, the manager of the Evan and Catherine Roberts Ranch northwest of Ft Collins.  Zach shared his personal background and explanation of his current duties and activities both locally and in the general agricultural community.  The main presentation was divided into 2 parts with a 10 minute question and answer opportunity in between.

First, Zack did a brief review of the fascinating history of this almost 17,000 acre property – continuous family ownership for 144 years, 100 years of litigation, and, following the death of Evan (2002) and Catherine  (2015), it’s designation as a private charitable trust. This designation ensures that it will remain a cattle ranch and irrigated farm, and a valuable community asset.

The second part of the presentation reviewed the ever increasing water costs and water shortages in Northern Colorado.  The value (and costs) of land for farming vs the value (and costs) of land for urban development were compared . The population increase and urbanization of Larimer County is apparent to us all and there are no new water sources.  New reservoirs and new ways of managing reservoirs (and water use) will be required.  Finally, mention of the Glade/NISP Reservoir project and the proposed Thornton Pipeline made all of this very current.


Rotary Club of Fort Collins was chartered August 1, 1918, and this year celebrates 100 Years of Rotary In Fort Collins.  
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The Rotary Clubs of Fort Collins are sponsoring a Peace Initiative Speaker Series.  The first is a special presentation at CSU’s Lory Student Center Grand Ballroom on Tuesday, April 9, from 6-8 p.m.  Cost is $15 for adults, $10 for students.  Contact Larry Salmen (RCFC) or J.J. Shaw (Breakfast Club) for tickets.

Jeanne Fangman announced that the April 17 meeting will be an evening meeting.  It is our annual Service Above Self Recognition event.  If you wish to nominate anyone for an award, please contact Jeanne by March 1.

Kathy  Nicol announced that she is putting together a Rotary table at the Project Self-Sufficiency Luncheon to be held Tuesday, March 26th at the Embassy Suites, Loveland.  Please let Kathy know if you wish to be added to this Rotary table. or 970/215-1543

Announcements Editor Bonnie Titley will be traveling February 23 through March 12.  If you can fill in for Bonnie during her absence, see Bonnie or Stacy Plemmons

Past Announcements still valid:

Melanie Chamberlain announced the club now had its own storage facility.  Members harboring appropriate materials for our archives should contact Melanie or Bonnie.

John Roberts announced the Global Village Museum‘s new exhibit, “Russia in Retrospect”.  Six special programs are scheduled during the 3-5 month run.

Michael Stradt announced a planned Fellowship Committee outing to see “Wicked” in Denver sometime before Memorial Day.  Interested, see Mike.

Rotaract is trying to establish a community club for those between school and Satellite age, sponsored by all four Rotary clubs.  Suggest names to Del Benson.

Rob Marschke asked members to support the 2019 Peach Festival by becoming a  Sponsor.  Forms were distributed.

All members are encouraged to join the newly established Peace Fellowship.  Remember—peace leads to solutions.

Sally Lee urged members to give King Soopers cards as gifts.  Talk to her if interested.

Bill Schaffter urges participation in Fort Collins Read Aloud.  For information, go to

Marty Bachman reminds all to report special occasions/events/illness that the Care and Recognition Committee should acknowledge.  Call Marty, Melanie Chamberlain, or Jeanne Fangman.

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