This month the Rotary Club of Fort Collins honored Melissa Boice, a teacher at Zach Elementary school, which is in the southwestern part of town. Her principal, Aisha Thomas, introduced her and pointed out the excellent teacher to student ratio at her school.
In a clear, precise, well received talk, Melissa explained her unique teaching responsibilities which enable her to give intense attention to students who need extra attention, particularly in honing reading skills. She also meets with other teachers in her school to facilitate her program of making vital personal connections with students. She often works one on one with a student needing extra attention.
Melissa came from a family of educators and attended Fort Collins public schools herself. While in her fourth year at PSD, she gained teaching experience in many places, from Rhode Island to the Middle East. She has learned the techniques that work with students and rejected those that do not.
She is enamored with the teaching profession because it allows her to keep on learning about people and cultures.