Henry Weisser introduced the Blevins principal, David Linehan, to introduce the April Teacher of the Month. Mr. Linehan then introduced Kate Williams. Kate said "my goals as a citizen and a teacher are similar to the goals of your Rotary Club – make connections locally and globally and do your best to make a positive impact. That is my job as a role model for my students at Blevins Middle School and how I try to parent my own children and live my life. From STEM projects to international service projects I have worked with Middle School students to teach them WHY education is so important and how they can use their education to help others...

My first “teaching experience” was at CLP Middle School in 1996 while I was still a student at CSU. My chemistry advisor, Sree Bringi, asked me to come along on a chemistry tye-dying activity. I loved it and I have now tye-dyed with students in Colorado, Germany and Japan from pre-school up to 9th grade.

I have taught Science, Math & Health to Middle School students for 14 years and every year I understand more and more how critical educating students with science and math skills is as we need future problem solvers to tackle the global issues we have created – such as access to clean water, etc In 2003 I participated in the Fulbright Memorial Fund Japan project where I spent 3 weeks in Japan. I went on to teach at the JFK school in Berlin, Germany for 2 years and the Canadian Academy Int. School in Kobe, Japan for 4 years.

By coming back to teach and raise my own 2 kids in Fort Collins I am lucky to be able to combine an international education perspective with our local focus on education. PSD is an amazing district in their support for all types of learners and support for teachers but I also want my students to understand that there is BIG WORLD out there and they can be part of it!

One of my favorite quotes is from Einstein who said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” and after teaching abroad I witnessed first-hand many of my students working together on projects using their problem solving skills and different cultural perspectives. Their solutions were amazing! I want to help bring those experiences to students at Blevins also because I do believe that is our future – global cooperation. She finished with a story when she was teaching in Japan.

Thank you for all your helpful work both locally and globally and thank you for your support of teachers and students. Keep up the super work and enjoy the rest of your meeting."