Garth McCann introduced the January Teacher of the Month as Brendan Gallagher, a Language Arts teacher at Fossil Ridge High School. Brendan said that since he had only three minutes to tell us about his teaching, he would talk about his interview for the job at Fossil Ridge and the first question that he was asked. He was asked, why do you want this job?

Brendan’s answer was that it would be his “Dream Job” and it would be made up of several things. First it would have an Administration that was phenomenally supportive, even of hair brained ideas. It would have co-workers who made every teaching experience as educational as possible with hands on experiences where possible. It would have amazing students every day. Brendan listed the work and results of several students that had amazing results. It would have all of these things and a community that was very supportive of schools, teachers and students. And last it would pay a million dollars a year.

He ended by saying, “4 out of 5 isn’t bad.”