Tuesday, August 1 from 10-12 AM Brian Carroll will interpret about bison, homesteads, and early peoples living on Soapstone Natural Area (http://www.fcgov.com/naturalareas/finder/soapstone). Brian was our most recent Rotary Speaker about homestead days in the area. You should arrive by 9:45 with water, sunscreen, closed-toed shoes, and a lunch to eat after we finish.  About 1/4 mile is extent of the walk.  Let Del Benson know of your interest and total numbers in your party (delwin.benson@gmail.com, 227-8286, or sign in at Rotary).  If you want to carpool, meet no later than 8:30 behind Jax on North College Avenue. This is your Fellowship Committee at work connecting you with nature.  A total of 20 persons may be accommodated.
See the site link above for more detailed driving directions if you plan to self drive. Soapstone Prairie is 25 miles north of Fort Collins, allow about an hour travel time. From Fort Collins, take Hwy 1/ Terry Lake Road to County Road 15 north (towards Waverly). From CR 15, turn north onto Rawhide Flats Road and continue north to the entrance station. There are nine miles of gravel road that can be dusty, rough and bumpy. Please respect our neighbors and be safe by observing the speed limit.