Posted on Dec 22, 2021

On Wednesday, our annual lunch Holiday program (thanks to the Fellowship Committee) began with a seasonal inspiration - the famous speech by Linus to Charlie Brown and others on the true meaning of Christmas from the 1965 animated television special, A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Our guests today included children, grandchildren, and Santa Claus!  Check out some pictures of the festivities.

Fort Collins’ Dickens Larimer Chorale singers entertained us with several classic Christmas carols.  Santa Claus (with a voice I have heard somewhere before) visited our young guests, heard what they wanted for Christmas and gave out gifts, both healthy (oranges) and well...candy canes. Since the young included “young at heart” we recognized world traveler John Roberts and our oldest and most faithful Rotarian, Johnny Matsushima. In the middle of all this, Stacy asked “elf questions” – actually, very corny Christmas jokes.

Judy announced the December birthdays including a special song for Johnny.  Special sympathies to those Rotarians with birthdays around Christmas, including the 2 on the 25th.

Stacy reappeared with 12 questions re “Christmas history”. 1. What did the other reindeer not let Rudolph do? 2. How many ghosts show up in A Christmas Carol? 3. What are the other 2 most famous names for Santa Claus? 4. Elvis was planning on what color Christmas? 5. What 3 words are used to describe the Grinch in the movie? 6. Santa claus is based on what real life person? 7. What country was Saint Nicholas born in? 8. What actor is responsible for 8 voices in the movie Polar Express?  9. In the movie Elf what is the first item in the Elf Code of Conduct? 10. Translate Merry Christmas into Spanish. 11. What popular Christmas song was written for Thanksgiving? 12. What is the bestselling Christmas song of all time?

Announcements followed and the meeting (party) was closed with the 4 Way Test.