This past weekend, the NPR radio program “This America Life” highlighted a contentious immigration debate in tiny Homer, Alaska, (pop. 5631) a town with no recent immigrants, and very small chance of any in the future.
This week RCFC hears from an attorney ‘in the trenches’, when our own Dr. Henry Weisser introduces Robert McCormick, an experienced criminal defense lawyer for cases that have immigration consequences.  McCormick will share actual case experience to discuss the nature of immigration, the challenges and potential solutions.  
Robert Stuart McCormick was born in Durango, and graduated from CU before obtaining his J.D. from Texas Tech and finishing at the University of Denver Law School.   He is a decorated Viet Nam veteran, having served with the Navy’s riverine forces in the Mekong Delta, which has also been known as the ‘brown water Navy.”  He was in the Navy from 1969-72.
He has practiced in the fields of oil, gas and water law, white collar crime, criminal defense and asylum cases.  He is married with one adult child.
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