Posted on Aug 23, 2023

Last week was entertaining, even amazing, as local impressionist and vocalist, Michael J brought various celebrities to life in our Lincoln Center meeting room. Each celebrity was in costume, some spoke, but most sang. (President Randy verified that there was no lip syncing).

Sherriff’s deputy Barney Fife (The Andy Griffith Show) was there to recruit for our next big Rotary social event - the Chuckwagon Fellowship in Estes Park. Barney asked the members who had signed up for this event to raise their hands. In typical sheriff deputy style, he reminded us that we were all in his database and cars belonging to members who did not sign up would be towed. The skit concluded with a portrayal of Otis Campbell (the town drunk in the Show) set to a country song.
Next, via song and costume we got a sneak peek at the Estes Park Chuckwagon stars.  Johnny Cash sang a shortened version of Folsom Prison. Willy Nelson (complete with braids) sang On the Road Again with some added lyrics about his nasal voice (“from the nose again”). Next Michael J demonstrated his range as he did Frank Sinatra (All the Way). Ernie Ford sang 16 Tons.
Completing the set, Archie Bunker sang while Edith screamed the show’s theme song (Those Were the Days). Otis Redding was supposed to be next … but Michael J reported he doesn’t do OR!
At this point Michale J shared some of personal singing and entertaining credits. For example, he has been a regular in Branson, MO and has performed with the Denver Symphony Orchestra (base parts in The Messiah).
Our entertainer finished with his own interpretation of a song that was both a hit in the 60’s and the 80’s – Statue of a Fool (multiple artists). His multioctave range was clearly on display. For more, please sign up for the Chuckwagon Fellowship event on Saturday, September 9 (Please register at this link or if any questions?    email  or call Sue at (970) 689-0378. )