Posted on Jun 22, 2022
Last week was our annual meeting devoted to the installation of our club’s new officers. This “changing of the guard” was framed as a “Peaceful Transition”. Past president Del Benson expertly choreographed the hour. 
Outgoing president John Trone highlighted the past years accomplishments - increased membership, a positive balance sheet, our charities and educational funding. Other “facts and figures” included $ amounts for community grants, scholarships, STEM and Merit badge university.  The best part was  pictures of RCFC members involved in many short-term volunteer projects and fellowship events. John finished with the Rotary vision statement.
Incoming president Marty Bachman shared the uniqueness of her presidency and her focus for the future. She is the 104th RCFC president and the 9th woman president. She will focus on empowering girls and women for service. Her background as a health educator reminds us to focus on Rotary’s goal to fully eradicate polio.  Finally, she issued a call to the next generation to be an active part of “service above self”.
Our keynote speaker was Chris Woodruff, most recently District Governor for 2 terms both 2019-2020 and 2020- 2021 (see last week’s Rotogear for Chris’ extensive Rotary service and leadership positions).  His presentation was entitled “Transitions and Pathways Forward”.
 He described the characteristics of an effective Rotary president- “a leader leading leaders”, “an encourager instead of a dictator”, “a volunteer leading volunteers” and a “servant” leader. The next president must be authentic (share your story), respectful (OK to disagree), humble, generous, and resilient (think COVID and our adaptations). He or she should practice the 4-way test and exemplify “service above self”. But it’s not the just the leadership, but all the members that make it happen. The RI vision statement includes the phrase “together we”.
Finally, Del recognized the outgoing officers and BOD and then inducted the new appointees.
We all tried to name in our minds the past and present performers as we watched the video of “We are the World”. Clearly the work is not done but Rotary will continue to move the needle in the direction.