In 1988, then RCFC President Shelly Godkin, initiated a “Service Above Self” award recognizing Rotarians or non-Rotarians for exceptional service to our community.  The first recipient was Harvey G Johnson, a farmer, city council member and two-time mayor, who understood the value of water, serving 54 years on the Water Storage and Supply Company board.  RCFC still recognizes a Service Above Self recipient, but with the creation of 8 additional recognition awards the annual ceremony is now called “Service in Action”.  This Wednesday, April 19, will be RCFC’s 29th annual celebration of exceptional service to others.  Del Benson will be our MC.
Harvey JohnsonHarvey G. Johnson
As is our custom, each of the awards will be presented by the previous year’s recipient.  In order of creation, the recognitions are:
  • RCFC’s longest running recognition, The Service-Above-Self award is given to both Rotarians and non-Rotarians who contribute significantly to the betterment of life in this community.  Last year’s recipients were Martin and Mary Catherine Limbird.
  • Created in 2001, The Five Avenues of Service award recognizes a Rotarian who has demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service with an emphasis on personal volunteer efforts and active involvement in helping others through Rotary.  The first recipient was Donal D. Johnson.  Last year’s recipient was Bob Seymour.  Presenting for Bob will be Past President and past Rotarian of the Year, Susie Ewing.  
  • Created in 2003, The Spirit of Rotary Award is generally made to a newer member who has been extremely active in providing exemplary club service.  The 2003 recipient was Chuck Rutenberg.  Last year’s recipient was Rob Marschke.
  • Created in 2008, The Rotarian of the Year award recognizes a member for his or her all-around contributions to the success of the Club.  The first recipient was Claude Piche, and last year’s recipient was Dan Mackey.  Presenting for Dan will be Past President and past Spirit of Rotary recipient, Lee Jeffrey
  • Created in 2009, The Quiet Rotarian award recognizes a Rotarian whose diligent work epitomizes service to others without fanfare or desire for credit.  The first recipient was Sankaram Mantripragada, and last year’s recipient was Jean Griswold.
  • Created in 2011, The Max Getts Four–Way Test Award is given to a Rotarian or non-Rotarian who truly exemplifies the 4-Way test in all they do – especially their interaction with the youth in our community.  The first recipients were Judy and Forrest Boggs, and last year’s recipient was Del Benson.
  • Created in 2016, the Alan Ashbaugh Excellence Award recognized a person who exemplifies “Excellence” in Service Above Self, especially in his/her area of endeavor in our Club or in our Community.   Standing in for last year’s recipient, Alan Ashbaugh, will me Past President and past Rotarian of the Year, Melanie Chamberlain.   
  • New in 2017, the Bob Everett Rotaract Member of the Year recognizes a Rotaract Member for their contributions to Rotary, RCFC and our community through their work in the RCFC sponsored Rotaract Club  
  • New in 2017, the Bob Seymour Satellite Member of the Year recognizes a Satellite member for their contribution to Rotary, RCFC and our community through their work in the Satellite membership