Posted by Bob Simmons
"We are not victims."  Last week RCFC heard from well-known businessman and author, Larry Kendall.  Larry was introduced by neighbor and friend, Dave Stewart.  Larry is a Rotarian, founding partner of the Group, Inc., professor, and most recently, a best selling author.  On Wednesday, he shared a summary of his sales training system and excerpts from his best-selling book, Ninja Sales.
Larry started by convincing his audience that we are all in sales, whether sales reps, teachers, engineers, GI surgeons or even parents.
He taught us the 3 keys to effective selling- 1. Mind Set, 2. Skill Set and 3. Action.  Mind set requires the seller to transition from "victim" to "player" status.
Skill set is all about connection and solution for the client rather than pressure and sales quota.
Action involves the "Platinum Rule" (Treat others like they would like to be treated).
We learned how this approach requires insight into another's personality and motivations. This was illustrated by using motivational/personality  measures to categorize people  as "power, party, perfectionist or peace" people. Thus, we learned something about ourselves and our "clients (those whom we wish to influence and connect with).
There was something for everyone in this presentation.