January is both Mental Wellness Month and National Mentoring Month.  January 18th to 22nd is National No Name Calling Week.  In keeping with those themes, our own Dr. Lloyd Thomas will challenge us to approach our lives with open minds and open hearts, demonstrating how our perceptual worlds are formed by our physiology (our 5 senses, central nervous system and memory), and by the nature and quality of our environment.  In what should be a very timely presentation, he promises to help us control our thoughts, our emotions and our responses, enabling our individual reality to maximize wellness.   
Dr. Thomas received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1970 from the University of Southern California.  For the next eleven years, he was the Supervising Psychologist and Director of the Montgomery County Mental Health Services in upstate New York.  During that time, he collaborated with State Department of Mental Health to build a new hospital and comprehensive mental health center.  
From 1981 to 1998, Dr. Thomas was in individual private practice specializing in behavioral medicine and was on the staff of two hospitals in Schenectady, NY.  He also served as a consultant to Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital, working with cancer, post-coronary event, and chronic pain patients and their families.  He has also served as adjunct faculty at the University of Southern California, the University of LaVerne, Albany Medical College, and Elmira Graduate School.
Leaving clinical practice behind, Dr. Thomas moved to Colorado in 1998 and became a Certified Life Coach. He has co-authored and published the book, “Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons to Enhance Your Practice and Your Life”, and over the last 30+ years, has written approximately 1,965 weekly newspaper columns titled, Practical Life Coaching (formerly called “Practical Psychology”).
Lloyd and his wife of 35 years, Darcy, live in Wellington, and have 2 adult children and 6 grandchildren.  Lloyd is an avid (addicted?) skier.  He also loves hiking, writing and spending time with his children and grandchildren.