Martin Nelson gave his classification talk this week.  Martin said that it was good to be a Rotarian again, he was a member and president of the Creede, CO Rotary club in the mid 1980s. Martin thanked George Landsverk for reintroducing him to Rotary.
Martin was born in Wurtzburg, Germany in 1949 during the time his father was in Military Intelligence. He went to school in Braunau am Inn, Austria, Hitler’s home town. Due to his fathers military career, they moved a lot. He spent lots of years in Alaska and also in Utah. He lived in Alaska during the time of the 9.2 scale earthquake, which started his interest in Geology. He went to high school in El Paso, Texas and said that since there was a college in town, he would attend there, U. of Texas at El Paso. There Martin got both a B.S. and M.S. in Geology..

When he got out of college as a 2nd Lt., he was sure that the Army would assign him to the Corps of Engineers, but he became a member of what he called the “leg infantry”. He has spent 35 years as a Geologist working mostly in underground hard rock metal mines in many places, including Peru and Mexico. Martin and his wife Marla spent two years, 1978-80, in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic, Martin taught at a Catholic University in Santiago.

Martin has lived the last 25 years in Fort Collins, has been married to Marla for 45 years and they have two children. He ended saying that he is pleased to be hear and pleased to be a Rotarian again.

Martin also received his Blue Badge at last weeks meeting.