Last Wednesday RCFC heard from two professionals in the field of elder care, Mimi Wahlfeldt, Marketing Director at Good Samaritan and Alan Heileman, Sales Advisor for Mackenzie Place. They were a dynamic duo, taking turns explaining their well illustrated program.  They pointed out how most people plan their lives up to and including retirement and then stop planning. The daunting task of sorting out what kinds of care might be needed and the costs of various kinds of care are too often left until a crisis arises. The range of services available vary from some extra help at home to full time nursing care.  They advised club members to know the difference between independent living, assisted living and nursing home care. They also advised us to explore some of the options available locally by visiting  potential sites in order  to experience the feeling they convey. Our speakers  included an account of the advantages of aging  at home and what might be done to assist with daily living. Everyone in the audience was charged to understand that they are either responsible for caring for parents, caring for themselves, or working with children to care for themselves. The resources and information available should be explored before a crisis occurs.