Bill Moellenhoff has ascended all Colorado fourteeners.  Bill also recognized John Reicht, who has completed all of the 54 Fourteeners in Colorado.  As a show of hands, it appeared that several of our Rotary members have summited at least one fourteener in their lifetime.
Bill entertained the club with his words of wisdom re Colorados’ 54 peaks at least fourteen thousand feet above sea level.  Bill’s affection for hiking to the heights began after “accidently” ascending Twin sisters at the age of 16, and the next day ascending Longs Peak.  By 1981, when he moved to Fort Collins, he had already completed 13 peaks.    
The keys to a successful summit hike are relatively simple; one must have a good level of aerobic conditioning, a good degree of knowledge of Colorado weather and common sense.  Proper clothing and footwear are essential.  Bill noted a few exceptions to this formula and explained terms associated with climbing or in some cases hiking at altitude.
He shared his thoughts on preparedness to safely make the journey to the top.  Entertaining the club with some interesting and humorous stories of several of his treks, he encouraged all who have not yet begun to hike the fourteeners to start with the “easiest” of them all, Mount Sherman.
Thank you Bill for an informative and entertaining presentation.